Thursday, July 31, 2008

Viruses, Dinner, and a Good Night Kiss

Ok, so we are near the end of a cold/virus exposure. My daughter had it first, then I kind of caught it, but not really, and then my wife got it bad. She's been laying down, lots of fluids, vitamin C, that kind of thing. Which has made me in charge. Pre-stroke I probably did 80-90% of the cooking. Now, not so much. The getting things together, more than one pot boiling, and I don't trust my taste buds anyway.

Well I had to try, because we had to eat. It came out only so-so... I think the chicken was not spoiled, but it was in the freezer for a year. I think that's only supposed to be 3 months max. Anyhow we'll probably do something different next time or maybe we will cook, I don't know.

I also had to put my daughter to bed... Something she really likes mommy to do. She trudged up the steps, crying, in fact she was wailing all the way into the bathroom. This is where I really thought I'd lose it, because last time I tried to give her a bath she went running downstairs to mommy. To my surprise she didn't repeat and she actually settled down. I let her play in the tub, that probably helped and finished her bath.

Now we went into her room, got some clothes on and brushed her hair (later I found out that I'm really not supposed to brush her hair, but she let me anyway). I said, "why don't we go downstairs and give mommy a kiss?" and she was all about that. We went back up the stairs, she told her mommy that she loved her and we read Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What do You See? and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? and she points to the words on the page... I'd like to say she is reading, `cuz she knew all the words, but there's a word for that in education, and that's what it is. Still she is well on her way.

Next we sing songs, because this is all part of her routine. I can't really sing, but I did my best, and besides I don't think she knows a singer from a non-singer right? We sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABC's, and Row, Row, Row Your Boat, her choice of course, and then she got in the bed.

All this time, since we said it was bedtime, I thought I was making in-roads with her, but really she was tightening her grip on me. I kissed her good night and stayed a bit longer and finally got out of there. My wife does this everyday, seriously I don't know how.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Day

Today kicks off the school season. My wife works for a year-round calender and has been at work for over a week. There is a planned "pep rally" again. This time it's taking place in Bluffton, and training is going along with said mandatory cheering. It's said to be different as south of the Broad (SOB) are going to train in the morning and north of the Broad (NOB) are training in the afternoon. With the big pep rally right in the middle. Interesting is that only the NOB is getting a lunch, the SOB's will just have to suck it up. Not that a district provided lunch is all that great anyway.

But it does make me wonder how all this works, how much the north and south has "come together" as it were. I'm thinking that it really hasn't come together at all, but that's just me. We'll see. Meanwhile the rumor mill has been churning up some rather juicy bits.

It seems that Valerie Truesdale might in fact run for State Superintendent of Education. Which is fine... for her, but yet another changing of the guard at Beaufort County. Which means they'll have to find someone else, and everyone will change around... again. Aye Yi Yi. Maybe it's just a rumor and we'll hear nothing more about it. The Election is in 2010. Traditional Calendar School starts in another 3 weeks.

Get on the Bus... as Long as You're More Than a Mile Away

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Endorse Kids.... Again

So I have to get all mushy on my kids, just for a second. You see you can be have a bad day, a really really horrible day, and it just doesn't matter to a 2-year-old (see my first endorsement here, which is also the last time I posted as a "whole man"). She'll make you smile anyway. I love that. That special something that's only found in the young amongst us. No matter how bad (or good) I have it, I can hug her and it all melts away. This is why I have kids, you can kind of get that with animals, but it's present in kids everywhere.

Yesterday she put her hands on me and said she loved me, how can anything compete with that? You can't and thats why I urge anybody to have kids (that doesn't already have them). I hear it's pretty good with grandkids too.

Now I know, it doesn't mean that everything is peachy, because it's not, nothing ever is. But the times that she is good, by far outweigh bad... even if/when she poops on the floor, or is up sick all night (both of which happened this week), it is still better that she is here with us, then us being childless, with a convertible, and no bills... I think.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fart Face

Me and my wife got into a bit of a roe in the regards of the term "Fart Face". It's kind of ambiguous, what exactly is a "fart face"? My wife says it's a person who does the farting, thereby making him or her a fart face, but I say its the person receiving said fart and it happens to be in their face. Are both right? Hardly seems possible, but stranger things have happened.

Perhaps a poll is in order. If I can find one, or make one, or simply do the math myself. What do you think? Is it the person who farts or the person on the receiving end, both or is it just something stupid that was made up? Is it just alliteration? Why don't we say fart foot?

My daughter, the older one, did in fact call something that. Actually she called it a "stepping fart" noise. She was talking about stepping in mud while it's raining and it was to this song...

So honestly I'm no closer to finding out... but I don't think I really tried anyway.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I'm in a mood to make something happen. It doesn't come around often, and really I probably won't do anything anyway, but it is nice to dream...

I've been wanting, since forever, a backyard with pavers, a bar, maybe since this is a dream a pool. How ready and willing am I wanting to get this started? Well, it boils down to money really. Just a few years ago I didn't even see myself in the position I'm in. Hell before the baby was born, we were hemming and hawing over a $200 rocking chair. Not so much now. The relativeness of wherever you are really stands out in things like this, and the case can be made that what ever you have, you will always want more.

I don't like that particular aspect, but it's true... I think. Could you be happier with a pool? I'm not talking about the maintenance or chemicals, just would you be happier with a pool? would you have people over if you had a pool? Would you feel that you "have arrived" if you had a pool? I know I did when I got my big screen TV, some 7-8 years ago... now I want a plasma or LCD. So there really isn't anything I can do about it is there? There will always be... something.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some More Pictures

Here's what the actual pictures look like. My wife measured and hung all the pictures... which is way better than could have done (she also did all the paint on the walls too). I love her.


My wife gave me a bit of a present this week. She printed 8 x 10 photos of some pictures I took (I didn't even know she liked them) and put them around the house. Most of these pictures were taken before I had the stroke. But knowing that somebody likes them, especially my wife, makes me want to pick up the camera and shoot again.

Chic-fil-A and Kid's Night

So in my wife's grand scheme it should have worked out, but it didn't. She planned to go to Chic-fil-A because it was kids night, followed by music down at Sea Turtle. Well first off it was something like 130 degrees outside, so the music fell by the wayside. I'm all for enjoying myself with some free music, but even I have limits. And the Chic-fil-A, well we did go, but as I thought it was full of people and worse yet full of mindless parents that don't care.

It says 3 and under on a sign as you enter. I think there was maybe one other kid that was under 3, the rest were a lot older, and they were CRAZY!!! My favorite moment of the whole thing was this kid, who had dreadlocks, beaned another kid with a Hot Wheels car. He didn't mean to do it, it just happened. There was lots of screaming, yelling, and general acting like an ape-iness going on.

Really every parent should go. That was sarcasm in case you missed it. Too many kids, that were too old anyway, and their parents don't care if they pull somebody's hair or act a fool because they aren't there. I composed myself rather well, didn't say anything and then some boy tried to use my daughter as a step stool, and my wife politely said "lets go".

Banned forever is any event that lots of kids will be at from my itinerary. At least that involve food, playing, and lack of supervision. Maybe it was just a karmatic way of getting my wife ready for work... Year `round starts up this week.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Classic Film Friday: Picnic

Ok so this was my first recommendation from a friend. It's a story of love, but more than that it's about how people make the wrong decisions and whether or not they can fix them. It also portrays a kind of irony in that every character says they want one thing, but really long for something else

William Holden is Hal Carter a down on his luck guy that train jumps his way to Kansas, where his old college buddy Alan Benson (Cliff Robertson) lives. Kim Novak is Benson's girlfriend, Madge, and of course Madge and Hal hit it off right away, despite the fact that she's promised to Alan. There are a few side characters that are affected by "the picnic" as well, set on Labor Day 1955.

It all gets rather messy right as Madge is crowned queen of Neewollah, Halloween spelled backwards. But anyway, you'll just have to see for yourself. It's easy to discount as it does have a kind of Harlequin romance novel air to it, but if you pay attention you can spot lots of ironic things. Why the whole crowd was doing the chant... well I don't know, but still, it's a good summer movie. Watched instantly of course.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

To the Dentist

I went to the dentist this week. Not exactly earth shattering news, but put this is the frame of 6 months ago... just got out of the hospital, couldn't hardly feed myself, was basically a mess, it is good news. I mean as far as that goes... There still isn't really a good reason to go to the dentist.

I was scheduled to get a cleaning, which is pretty ordinary stuff, not six months ago... hell I couldn't even drive... yet. I remember feeling like a complete failure. Is that true? No of course not, but that's the way I felt. I broke down in the dentist chair, then not now, and really probably should have put off the appointment by a couple of months. But I didn't, and I got through it, even though I thought it was the end of the world.

The fear then is the same as it is now. It's not that somebody would say or do anything; I just want everything back to normal. No special treatment, no kid gloves and yet no talking about me after the fact. Is that realistic? No, not really. I thought that in six months I could beat this thing into submission, you know the comeback kid as it were... good for Hollywood, but again not very realistic. Still, back then I looked and sounded like a retard. Nothing against retards really, but that's what I sounded like. My not quite 2-year-old could eat her dinner with more poise and dignity than I could. And my poor wife was cleaning up both of us.

I’m not well yet, and I probably never will be, but am I better that I was six months ago, before I could tie my shoes, or hold a fork, or simply bounce a ball with my right hand? Yes, and for that I am thankful. No, I won’t be the same but I will be better, at least for a while longer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Or a Four Leaf Clover... Whichever

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reading the Blogs

So here I sit, Monday morning (yes I know you're reading this on Tuesday) wondering what to do. I could get some work done but it's a little too early for that. Browsing the typical haunts on the intra-webs, well I did that already. I think some people just have to bitch because they just can't get around it... so they'll post a gripe about something. Sometimes I do this, but not all the time... I think. Anyway it becomes complaint central, and then what do you do?

I'm still of the opinion that making your own blog is by far better, not to mention it is yours, not the property of anyone else but you. Going through the Lowcountry Blog Jam, I can say that reading it has become a real pleasure. No it's not all factual, or even likable sometimes, but I can honestly say that I respect each person for posting whatever is on their mind.

Is that different than somebody posting something on a spoon fed website? In my opinion yes.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Weekend

My weekend was pretty much how people say it should be. So it was good, I guess. Saturday we went to a friend’s for a party. It was nice. the people we went to party with have a pool. It made me wish that we had a pool. It’s good to dream right? It also reminded me that I am in fact older than I want to be.

Even though we took a nap earlier we still wound up crashing before 10. Why is that? I’m not really sure, but I can live with it. Or at least there’s nothing I can do to change it, so I better get used to it. **YAWN**

Sunday we went to the beach, on Hilton Head, and absorbed into the throng of tourists. I just don’t get it. Why somebody thinks riding a bike, in 95 degree heat, is vacationing, I’ll never know. My idea of a vacation is to relax, or experience something new or different, but that’s not to say somebody else’s idea is the same. Thank god for Ohioans because they seem to think that riding a bike in hot weather hits the spot.

They had something about taking vacation on one tank of gas in the daily wipe (newspaper) I could think of all kinds of places I could go on one tank of gas. Oh well, there is no recession, everybody (including me) has got some place to go.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My 401k Mess

So here I sit, looking at my 401k, Do others do this or is it just me? I've got my retirement plan in front of me, so far I've put $16,000 away, make that 15, no wait $14,000 away. It's dropped big time. At one point it was loosing $400-500 a day. Now it averages about 100 bux a day loss. There are up positive days, but not many. The biggest risk one of my portfolio (SAGCX) is down 21% The rest are down around 10-12%. Except one (SGSLX) that's up 4.21%. And how much of that do I have? It makes up less than 1% of my portfolio.

I'm young and I still have a long way to go. But my adventures into investing have not turned out too good. Much like my dealings with anything I fear I got into it, right as smart people were getting out of it. What to do now? Heck I'm not going to say no to my employer match that I get with my 401k. Even if I'm just burning it up, there's always a chance. Though right now seems like a snowball's chance in hell... it's still a chance.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vegetable Thief

I don't really know how it happened, but since moving to the Lowcountry, I can say it's happened every year. Some kid or homeless person or immigrant worker or god forbid neighbor has stolen my tomatoes. I don't understand this. Honestly if you were to ask, I'd probably give them to you. And I know, we're in a recession, I'd still give them to you.

Instead we have a thief in the night, taking my vegetables, what do I do now? Call a town meeting? Have a letter sent to everybody through the POA? This is stupid. But like I said, it's happened every year I've been here. It makes you wonder, who, these people are, why are there people going through your yard, what if they aren't just going through your yard. Where did they come from? What time are they doing this? Why is their yard not good enough?

Do I need this paranoia? Nope, in fact I might just put in a flower bed, or plant a tree instead. It's a sad day when I have to say that, but god dammit what else are you going to do? Sit out all night, waiting to see if you can catch the culprit? Not likely. Just shut it all down, or continue to be stolen from are the only answers I see. So which is it? I'm not hurting my back again just so someone else can take away my tomatoes. Besides that, do you realize how stupid that last sentence sounds?

Friday, July 18, 2008


So it all started here. A year ago today it happened. The final straw that broke my camel's back. Now I've been back, a few times, but now I don't want to be associated with that site at all. It's just smoke and mirrors, fluff, and yellow journalism. I think I really need to thank them, because they're so stupid, so outrageous, so incompetent that I'm a better person.

At first I was going to stick it out with them because of the obvious reasons, they have a lot of people visit their site, and when I said something on their site, I got a lot of hits on mine, but then I had my stroke, and I let some people have it (that had it coming anyway) and BOOM, I completely quit that scene. If you want to hear what I have to say, you'll just come to my site... the end.

I've had my own trials and tribulations, but I felt if I stick with it long enough I'd get a second wind, or third or fourth wind as it were. Yes this one year anniversary has seen all kinds of different things, people coming and going, deciding whether or not to blog at all, sickness, pretty much everything and anything. So yep thanks BT, for providing me with a voice, and then making me search out an even louder one, that lets me say whatever I want, even four letter words like fuck and shit. I've taken off the training wheels and I'm not even wearing a helmet. All I am looking for now is more people like me... who are not spoon fed, who have an ability to think outside of what they're told, who have a brain function higher than a tomato. So where you at?

Classic Film Friday: The Future of Food

Yeah this isn't really a classic in the sense of movies, in fact it would be hard to define it as anything but a documentary. I wanted to do something pool pooperish and barring the whole poop in the pool scene of Caddyshack

this was the best I could come up with. Besides Caddyshack wasn't available with instant viewing. Anyway this is somewhat of a subject brought up by Wiley Coyote over at her own blog. Now everybody can know... sorta. Besides, it fits in pretty good with the pool pooping thing, so there you go.

If you have Netflix, this is definitely worth a look. Instant or otherwise. The movie does have some unneeded emotionalism especially at the end. I'm really not sure what I can do to stop this or help out, but I'll start looking.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

An Ode to a Cat

So one of the other Blog Jam members was talking about animals and how they have their own clock. Let me tell you about ONE of mine (there are 4 altogether, if you count my daughter).

An Ode to a Cat

Our cat, is such a fat cat that
We can't do anything but think that
This cat is hungry all day through
There isn't anything else to do!

At 5 o'clock in the early morning
She's at our bedroom door warning
That she has not yet been fed
And it's time for us to get out of bed

First it's run up and down the stairs
Meowing loudly without care
"Footth footth footth" is how it goes
She is persistent she soon shows

It's the sound of her front feet on the door
And it can go on and on without much chore
You see there is only one thing she wants
And that is dinner, breakfast, lunch

Should she sneak in, it's even worse
She'll lick, lick,'s such a curse
A plastic bag is her tool of choice
It's like squeezing my balls in a joist

All and all it's just plain true
There's nothing else for us to do
Throw a pillow, scream out loud
Or feed that'll make her proud.

So there you have it, with help from the Mrs. Mad Hatter, because she's good at the whole rhyming thing. I guess everyone has some kind of clock.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Here's Our Problem

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I've Been Thinking

I've thought about doing a week of pool pooping this week, but some of my arguments seem to have run it's course. There is the whole single calender school debate. But even my wife is resigned to whatever they say. That's not to say we don't care, because we do, but to put forth so much energy... for something that's ultimately going to mean nothing? We've got better things to do. (The same for the uniform thing) If we're trying to make everybody the same... county wide, well just suck whatever life is left out of us. If Whale Branch is the same as Hilton Head, well How could it be?

I've already touched on the whole irresponsible pet owner thing. What's left? ah, the newspaper. well i guess I could go off on them, but honestly I've not even seen or heard or done anything in their vicinity. There's no hot button issue, like the man who shot the cat dead, or Sun City whatever. I just have no opinion.

So I guess I'll scrap the idea, or at least table it till the 2 year anniversary. What do you, all two of you think? I can't think of anything, but maybe others have some ideas.

Monday, July 14, 2008


You know, a high powered BB rifle could make all the difference in the world.

I have this bird feeder, and the crows literally empty it in 5 minutes. This is something that in general lasts at least a week. And I wouldn't even mind if the crows did a little pecking at the feeder, it's just that they actually open it from the top, dump it all on the ground, then eat everything. Is there such a thing as a crow-proof feeder? I think not.

But that isn't the only critter that I would like to get a BB into. How about the very destructive armadillo? You know the one that turns you're well thought of garden into nothing more than a mess? I've had little to do with them since I've gone after the grubs in the soil, but they do always let me know when it's time to put more poison out.

Now we get down to the nitty gritty. Cats. I have a cat, it's kept inside at all times. I know many people see nothing wrong with letting a cat or even a dog run free. Times are changing. If I was living on a farm or out in the country maybe I'd feel differently, but I'm tired of Felix walking all over my car, scratching up my screens, or generally being let out, with no one to claim it.

Yes the real problem is the owner, not the cat, but are we really going to make the owner listen? No, that's why a sneaky guy like me, suggests a BB gun. You don't have to actually shoot anything if you don't want to, but they seem to know you mean business if do hit them. Yeah I know, I'm a bastard for even recommending something like this, but worse is the people who shirk their responsibility of proper pet ownership.

I shouldn't have to ask, "who's cat is in my yard". Especially since there will be no one to answer, and yeah I could go through all the trouble to call the animal control person who is likely overworked and underpaid, and see if they would get rid of it. But it is so much easier to take a quick shot out the door (for crows too) than it is for anything else. Again I'm not saying anybody should hurt or maim anything, but it remains the pet owner who lets the cat roam in the first place, that should bare the most blame.

Maybe this would help:

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Alright, I'm trying hard NOT to make myself look or seem like a mental case. But I do need some form of anti-psychotic/antidepressant. I've been "playing around" with Lexapro. It's common, lots of people take it, the doctors all tell me I should be on it. I don't want to be on it, in fact I don't want to be on anything.

I have this vision of medicine, and it doesn't include me. But the reality of it is, it very much does count me, and I've yet to come to grips with that. It's especially evident when I play around... do I take it, do I not take it... as it throws me in a tale spin. So I've made up my mind even though I hate to admit it, that I do in fact need something like Lexapro.

But then again, the cure is as bad as the disease. The problems I'm having are only compounded by Lexapro, not really fixed. Let's say I'm at 50% with no medicines in me at all, I might be at 60% with the meds... but the underlying problems are still there, and you now have to deal with all the side effects crap from the medicine.... especially stopping dosage.

I guess I'll shoot for 60% and hope maybe something better comes along.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I'm Dead

So I've had some time to kill. And I'm posting about my upcoming birthday on the creation of this blog. Here is a list of some of my greatest hits. That person is dead. I knew him, Hell I was him, but I can't be like him anymore. Words do not tell you how sad this makes me. I really wish that person would come back.

That person died when I had the stroke... some seven months ago. God I feel so sappy, but it's true. I would like to come up with some funny eulogy for myself, but I can't find the words. He is gone and I am here, I know people would have liked the old me, but instead you'll have to settle for the new me. Or if you like you can hit the above link and try to talk to him, but he's gone, gone, gone...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Classic Film Friday: My Man Godfrey

Ok, so here is a movie, that somewhat hits close to home. Spoiled, rich, and needy Irene and Cordelia Bullock are racing the streets fighting over a goat because of a scavenger hunt. Enter Godfrey, who just jumped ship and is an illegal alien (that's the close to home part). Irene takes him in, not knowing his status or really anything about him.

He becomes the Bullock's family butler and from the sound of it he won't last long. But he does and does well. To get the rest of the story you'll have to watch, but it does take a deeper look at just one man's trouble with coming to America.

This movie is a remake if an earlier film that is pretty much the same... why I did the redo instead of the original I have no clue, but it was a pretty good film, it even had Eva Gabor. Watch this or the original, you'll like either.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


It floors me as to how much we rely on modern conveniences. Enter day #3 of no microwave. It went with no warning, no ball of blue flame, no explosions, no nothing. I think it is just a fuse, but I can't confirm that. I took it some what apart... I have one of those over-the-range microwaves complete with exhaust fan and lights... The unit is just out of warranty. Anyway I took it apart, did some preliminary troubleshooting, couldn't find anything wrong.

At our old house, my daughter put some aluminum foil in the microwave. That did have some explosive effects/blue flame. And it still worked after the fact. This one? It just acts like I unplugged it. which leads me to believe it's a fuse, or power supply issue.

The wife tried calling Centex and the guy knew less than me. Any microwave repairmen out there?

Hey, Lard Ass

Ok, so everybody knows, or should know that I have have trouble eating. This has caused some weight loss, though I didn't really want it (but did probably need it). But now lets just say I want to eat better, tone up, look better? Looking at pictures from our trip, I don't really like the way I look. 6'4", 250 pounds I'm not morbidly obese or at least I don't think so. But it turns out that in fact I am. I was the skinny guy that when through the chow hall line twice... ok not really, but I was "underweight" not any more. I'm not really sure where or what to do from here. I mean I'd have to lose another 50 pounds before I'd be considered "normal".

I really can't get out and exercise as I should, the stroke doesn't really let me, I get winded just walking around. Ask me a question, and you might as well have put me in a full-nelson. Add to that the only eating certain foods, and my diabetes... the problem only exasperates. I'm sure many a diet is broken along those lines. I know I made the bed I now sleep in, and I know that maybe if I lost weight, or was more healthy, or whatever... maybe I wouldn't have had the stroke, or anything else. But I can't change any of that now.

Do I really need to lose 50 pounds? No, I don't think that is realistic or safe. I'm no athlete but I think that 200 pounds is way too skinny. Maybe 230 is a good place to start. My doctors say that I'm fine, but obviously I'm not. But I can't be one of those people that have no life or any fun, because I'm dieting. I'd rather be fat than do that. The thing is, I only eat twice a day... no breakfast, other than a coffee. So what to do? I guess I'm going to start walking, and hope nobody talks to me, maybe?

I just don't think anyone in my situation is even thinking about this stuff, so there is no support group or anything to lean on. I'm on my own, as usual. Still, I've watched enough TV to know that you take baby steps, then walk, then run... sorta

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Well, Do I?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Disney World

The trip out here was for the most part, uneventful. There were plenty of idiot drivers out there; I wasn’t driving, so I wasn’t one of them. Like I’ve said previously you could tack on another 5 or 10 bucks to the price of gas, they’d still be drag racing down the interstate. There are more idiots when we get to the parks, but for now I’ll leave them alone.

My daughter is working on a 3 day no making a number 2, yeah I know that’s probably to much information but it provides a bit of background as to why/how we reacted to her saying she felt the need to go (which was several times and we of course pull over and all that stuff) So my wife being my wife, she packed her potty and suggested I get it out and she could go while we’re still moving. Well I did just that… and still nothing, but we’re here anyway.

1st day Magic Kingdom (also 4th of July)

That morning it was pretty nice, didn’t have to wait long for the rides/ wasn’t too crowded. How that all changed as the day went on. We rode Dumbo and Pooh and took a flight on Peter Pan. We went on It’s a Small World, the carousel, and even managed to snap a few pictures of my namesake’s ride. My little one can only go so far however, and so we went home to rest up for the fireworks later that night.

When we came back it was completely opposite, I guess everyone was staying home in the morning in preparation of the night’s festivities. We only got to see one show, the Monsters Inc. one and grab a bite to eat, otherwise it was gridlock. And all the tomfooleries and stupidness was making itself known. I’ll just say that generally speaking, we’re all at this same place for the same reasons. Nobody is getting a kidney or they’re eyesight back for riding on Space Mountain, maybe just a tad more politeness is in order. And I mean it was packed, and it really didn’t get any better. The fireworks were awesome, I mean how many times does one get to go to Disney on the 4th of July? At least that’s what I kept telling myself. But as usual, especially when they have that many people in one spot, someone or something has to mess it up.

Enter the kid who has to make a fashion statement by wearing a winter time hat on the 4th of July. Again we’re all here for pretty much the same reason so a little courtesy goes a way. But this boy and his 600 pound girlfriend can’t be bothered with all that. They need to cut me off and by doing so make me swerve the stroller, upset my kid, spill something, just to stop in front of me to take a picture….AAAARRRGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

Dumb-Asses, a whole lot of Dumb-Asses. But I knew that going in, I just got spoiled by the morning. I counted and I breathed, just like I had to 50 or more times since after lunch. In the picture above we are looking out of the front of the castle, every part is full, literally. My wife did give Mr. Winter hat in the summer a flat for his troubles… A part of my wife I didn’t even know about! I do love her, that’s for sure.

We finally made it back to the hotel and nothing too much happened. I do have a weird thing going in with my blood sugars that is unexplainable. My blood sugars would pretty much be fine breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but for some reason my bedtime blood sugar would be 300 or more. I don’t know why, I haven’t eaten anything “bad” but still.

Day 2, Animal Kingdom

This was basically a zoo, I mean there are lots of animals and you walk around, hence a zoo. It’s “Disneytised” if you know what I mean, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but you know… when you’ve had enough, you've had enough. It was not quite so many people as the day before, but there was still enough ahem, functionally incompetent people? Yeah. Saw some animals caught some shows, the Bug’s Life one was pretty cool, but it did scare the bejesus out of my 2-year-old. So we ended there, pretty much. We went back to the hotel, swam a bit and then passed out on the bed.

Day 3, Checking Out/Going Home

Let me say first that I was unwilling to pay the 10 bux for internet access for 24 hours, and really I probably wouldn’t even use it, I’m just too tired. There's too much to do, and really for the money you're spending on you're trip, why bog it down with regular stuff? We went to downtown Disney to do some shopping for all the people we needed to do shopping for. Lord have mercy, a whole area for shopping my oh my. The Lego store was pretty cool, the toy store too, but now we're really tired, and have a 5 hour drive ahead of us, it was time to go.

The trip back was ok, that is until we got to Georgia, and the rain started, and people (being people) started doing whatever it is they do to cause congestion, and our 5 hour trip became 7. Ah idiots!

Some things I noticed but as this is already a long, long post I'll just bulletize them.

  • A lot of foreigners there. I wonder if our weak dollar has anything to do with that? I would have asked, but for whatever reason I didn't.
  • Eating anywhere sucked, maybe because we made plans so last minute, but the general places really, really were not that good.
  • We probably would have had a 100% better time if we would have brought along somebody to share the child rearing duties with. We couldn't go on any roller coasters or anything.
  • Ron Jon's Surf Shop, WTF?!?!
  • If you're going to go, bring money, lots and lots of it, also invest in a good pair of shoes
  • Little kids can go to the "Bibbity Bobbity Boutique" and for somewhere around $100 dollars or so, get dressed up like a princess, make-up, hair, the dress, the whole 9. Two schools of thought on this, one is the little girl is getting to live out her fantasy, or two the mom or dad is living out their fantasy through their child. I'm going with the latter, my kids are busy being kids. I don't need to dress up my kid (like a cheap whore) and parade her around for everyone to see. Not to mention those hot dresses, it must be stifling in them. My opinion though, yours might be different.

Things I wish I did
  • Rode Space Mountain. just to see if Ric Flair's old saying is true.
  • I wish I had the "Disney Magic" that my wife talks about. Instead, I just think to myself "this is stupid" but you never know.
  • I wish I had more time, I would have loved to go to a water park.
  • Stayed in a nicer hotel, that was connected by monorail. The buses were ok, but you waste a lot of your day waiting for and traveling with them
  • Brought more money (really like found some or won lotto) lol

Things I did do

  • Make my wife and daughter happy
  • See some things I never saw before
  • Enjoyed myself, yes even though there were idiots and crowds and the gas prices and the food was crappy, we still had fun, and that is what a vacation is supposed to be, just having fun.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Back

Just to let you know, I'm back, and I'm not hurt or maimed or anything. I'll have a long and probably boring post that will tell all about my trip. I've had many emails, and some other stuff going on as well. I just have to find time to keep up with it all. It's all happy thoughts, or that's what I keep telling myself.

Getting Better or Feeling Worse?

So I get ideas for a blog post, usually while I'm showering, or driving, or doing something that's not conducive to writing the idea down, and poof, when I sit down at the computer it's gone. It might come back, I just have to be in the same situation or just writing in and of itself brings it on. One just came to me now. Though you won't read about it, until later. Maybe.

I've been feeling kind of down lately. Not that anybody has done anything, and no I don't need drugs like lexapro or prozac. I think, and this is just me talking, that maybe my medicines might need to be adjusted, or they might find I'm deficient of some vitamin, or amino acid or something. I just feel kind of funky, like something is off. I go to the doctor soon, maybe he'll have the answers, but I doubt it.

I don't think anybody can help me, because I really can't put my finger on it either. Not that I'm a medical school alum or anything, but I think my body is in the throws of something yet to be explained. And it appears to be cyclical. With a strong emphasis on "appears". Not just my mood, but the way things taste, how my blood sugar reacts, my blood pressure, it is all related I'm sure, but how/why/what/when is beyond any body's knowledge.

Now I could just be full of shit, that's always a possibility. Again I said I never graduated any kind of medical school. But then again, I'm the only person that has to live my life, be with me 24/7 never take a vacation or anything. So I do have at least an interest in the deal.

So yeah, I just got back from the doctor, nothing... which is what I expected. My wife got a B12 shot, hopefully that'll fix her up. Me on the other hand, I just don't think there's anything traditional medicine can do for me. That's not saying some alternative will work either... I'm just fucked. I don't mean to sound so negative, but it's true.

I don't know what to do or where to go from here... jeez

Sunday, July 6, 2008

How I Got the Gas... Part 2

This original story was written in 2003, a part of my original blog so long ago. Only about a dozen people have access to that blog. It is a completely different animal, and way too personal for me to open up for the public, but at least you get a part of it. I'll be back, more or less by Monday, until then, enjoy...

Since my last gas story was so well received I thought I’d share yet another interesting “gas” story. It was the summer of ‘93, I just graduated high school and was in basic training at Ft. Lennard Wood. Part of the genius super-soldier training included how to protect yourself from a chemical or biological attack. This section of training involved being exposed to CS (chemical smoke) gas or riot control gas. We also liked to call this day “Drill Sergeant Day”.

On this particular day the drill sergeants were really chipper and even in good moods. We march out to the gas chamber with our protective masks in hand somewhat apprehensive about what we are going to experience. When we get there we see that the gas chamber has a glass wall on one side. We soon thereafter discover that this glass wall is there for the viewing pleasure of the drill sergeants and their families...yes that’s right their families. They had video cameras and picnic baskets, hell they even brought baby strollers and their dogs.

We are sent to the chamber in groups of 10 or so. Upon entering the room, with our gas masks on, my skin starts to burn a little and this black guy behind me begins to loose it. I glance outside the window and notice all the laughing and pointing going on outside the window. So anyway there’s a guy inside the chamber telling us to do stuff and he isn’t going to let us out until EVERYBODY does it. Like a fool, when he orders everyone to remove their mask and breathe, I’m the 1st one taking it off and I suck in this toxic shit and instantly I’m choking, gaging, coughing, and snotting uncontrollably. The black guy is still running around, going ape and the guy running the chamber won’t let us out until he gets his. So me and my roommate grab the black guy and I jerk off his mask. He then proceeds to throw up all the while “the family” is recording and enjoying every minute of it. Then the “gas man” starts really fucking with us. Asking us stupid questions basically making us talk so we breathe in more gas and choke some more. We finally became boring or whatever and he let us out. And there we were, finally in fresh air with snot and the black guy’s puke all over us and never more thankful to be outside in the summer heat. The gas chamber was supposed to teach you that the gas masked worked.

I would have taken their word for it. Then again we again learned the usefulness of the mask while using the big shit houses (latrine in army speak) they had out in the woods. This by the way, was the only time I actually liked wearing the mask.

Gas can be very entertaining AND a great learning tool.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Ok so my channels on TV got completely hosed. I mean completely, utterly, and totally screwed around, with no kiss, or much of anything else really. I don't watch that much TV anyway, now there's the whole re-learning the channel thing. I know that in the end, I'll learn the new channel placements and all will be well with the world, but man I don't think I've seen a company pretty much change EVERY channel? Scary if you ask me.

Maybe in the end the new line-up will make more sense, I mean it looks like it will, but why mess with the apple cart? Why flip the whole thing over, unless I'm getting something? Am I getting something? I don't think so, at least I don't see anything. Oh well, while you're reading this I'm really at Disney World, the happiest place on Earth. So take that Hargray Cable. lol :o)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Classic Film Friday: Bringing Up Baby

Cary Grant stars as a victim of circumstance and unwitting paleontologist Dr. David Huxley in this very much of a screw ball comedy. Every victim must have a predator, and that roll goes to Katharine Hepburn as Susan Vance. Essentially Dr. Huxley is to play golf with a man who will be responsible for a million dollar donation to his museum. When Huxley veers off the golf course to retrieve his ball, he finds Susan Vance hitting his ball, and thus the two are pretty much inseparable from that point, even though Huxley is to get married the next day.

From there it gets crazy, Susan's brother sends her a leopard from Brazil (yes I know jaguars would have been from south America, but anyway). Susan trick's Huxley into helping her get the leopard to Connecticut, and then the story goes ape shit.

I would definitely recommend this movie for a classics virgin, or anybody else really. Katherine Hepburn is one of my secret love affairs, and Cary Grant plays along so well. Don't miss this 1938 Gem! Below I included two YouTube clips of the movie, the first of which the word "GAY" is apparently used to mean what it means today.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just to let everyone know...

Yes I am leaving this afternoon to go to Disney World, but don't fret, I've got posts all throughout my time away. I've got a Classic Movie, more on what make, and some other posts too. I know, all 2 of you will probably read them, but still. I dont want anyone to think I'm away and then look at the post when they do come back and say, "Son of a bitch! I thought he was on vacation" know what I mean? I will have a full report of all things Disney sometime next week.

I've also got some more Blog Jam things/more Bloggers in the works too. Things are looking good around here. As always if you know or want to be a part of it all, contact me, I'll even help you through the process of starting your blog though it's not hard. I know people come and go, but once this thing gets started I hope it will take off.

Yep, things are looking good, so have a great 4th, wherever you are.

Oh, Shut Up!

Sometimes a person will write something so off the wall, so incoherent, just so inexplicably wrong that all you can think about is punching the fuck out of him/her. I'm not talking about your average person, I'm talking about a dummy, who then gets some of his/her facts right, but then some how twists it into whatever he/she believes. These people should not be exposed to anything about the news or information, and the regular people should not be exposed to him/her.

I really don't know what happens to a person to make them that way, but I can't stand it. So I simply ignore that person, which is a shame because that person does have something to say, and sometimes it's actually beneficial, but my tolerance for bullshit is at an all time low. If you know someone like this, or are in fact a person like this (which I doubt anyone coming here would be) ease up, or you'll either be ignored or told off. Right now I'm in the mood to tell a few off myself.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

He Likes the Smell

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Boy yeah, it looks like we're going to Disney World this weekend. I'm terrified, because, really I just got finished saying how I wasn't going or at least how I didn't want to go, and the crowds, and the gas. But see I'm overlooking all of that, because my wife said that this is what she wants, and if I can't do this simple thing for her what's the use in being married? So with a big GULP and with me closing my eyes we're going to go.

We haven't really had a vacation since our honeymoon, and that's been 3 years now. It's only for the weekend, so it's really not even a vacation. We'll see. I hope it all works out, "hope" being the operative word.

The Rest of my Weekend

Yes I know it's Tuesday, but there were things that happened besides the airport fiasco of 2008. And they are:

So I really don't know about this past weekend. My wife is bound and determined to get us to Disney World this year. This is probably going to just be a weekend thing, one we can't afford more and two I don't have vacation anyway. We'll see, and yes while $4.00 gas would not affect my trip, all the idiots on the road will. But yeah, I did just say I won't be on the road... I got suckered into it.

We saw Wall-E at the movies... it was ok, if you like (or your kids like) robots or outer space, otherwise skip it. Our 2-year-old could not relate, no singing or dancing... not to mention no animals. We were struggling to the end of this one. I don't think the movie's bad per se, but it takes a bit of higher knowledge to understand the whole left earth and now we're coming back, and the robots too because they don't really talk. It just wasn't a pleasant movie.

Speaking of my daughter, she can recite the pledge of allegiance, amazing more so at the age we expect them to repeat things like that, not that I care, but it is bizarre. She can also do her ABC's and count to 20. She's a teacher's daughter.

I watched the 1st Saturday Night Live with George Carlin, it was ok. I mean he was pretty much tripping balls when he did it, but still.

And finally, we went to the Grand Opening of the Food Lion, so far so good, a lot of stuff cheaper than anybody else, we'll see. The place is pretty much for the Sun City crowd, but if I can take advantage of it... so be it.