Monday, March 31, 2008


I finally went online looking for help with my stroke, and all it really did was make me depressed. I don't even know why. Many of the stories I glanced though are much more horrific than mine. I guess I should just feel lucky, but I don't, nope not at all. I don't want to feel lucky, I just want my life back. But of course after reading the stories I now wonder if I will ever get it back. I regret ever looking at those places online, because now I have a much gloomier outlook than before. I knew this would happen, if I went looking, and it did... god damn it...

I need to find a place where maybe I can talk to someone, or just not hear everyone else's problem. Not that I wouldn't care, because I would... but I am at a point where I need to be selfish right now and while it will probably take someone who had a stroke, I just can't mentally or physically or emotionally put up with anybody else's crap.


One other thing I've noticed, since having my stroke, is that things have a different taste, or that I just don't like things anymore. In fact I just threw an orange away because in my mind it was too messy and too much deal with, plus it was kind of making me nauseous. I know that I've said in the past that I was done with stroke posts, but this is a completely different game. I often times go without lunch, and can even go without dinner, because of this. The weird part is this just happened within in about 2 weeks. You'd think I'd be wasting away, but that really isn't the case at all. This part is all new to me, and really can't wait for it to be over.


The thing about expectations is you rarely set them up perfectly, you're either too high or too low. I think I might have set mine too high, but we're still not to June... yet. Without a bunch of backpedaling or anything, the first part of this past weekend was nice, until about 3 or so on Saturday. I have been neglecting my "man of the house" duties for a long time. So I opted to do a little work and even a little play. I stunk at each of them. I go to the doctor next week, maybe he can give some words of advice...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bike Crash

When I was a kid, I think about 10-years-old I had this bike. It was a red 10-speed bike. You could only get a 10-speed or a bmx style bike back when I was a kid. Anyway... this was my passport anywhere. I had a friend named David that lived over about a mile away. We went to to same school (private) that was about 1/2 way between our houses. Anyhow I would go over to his house a lot because he had toys, and basically a much nicer setup there.

One evening I was coming home and then I don't really know what happened. Sirens, I know I heard sirens. And I kept asking "what time is it?" But then I faded into black...

What happened was I was in a bicycle accident. In fact one of the eyewitnesses said he heard my head hit the concrete. This was before anyone thought about bike helmets... just so you know. I was out, or at least consciously out, I was with it enough to tell whoever my name, phone number. etc. My mother was called and of course this is one of the worst fears of a parent... going to see a hurt or maimed child. Sorry Mom. When she got there they had me covered with a sheet. She thought I was dead. I thankfully was not, but I had some serious issues going on. My head had swollen up to twice its size. The doctors said they might have to operate to relieve the pressure.

Now we come in where I actually become conscious again. "Where am I" I said, having not even opened my eyes yet. I was in a very uncomfortable bed, in the ICU of Meadowcrest hospital in Gretna. They wanted to do all kinds of thing to me there. Most of it involved diagnostic imaging. The first one of which I promptly puked green shit all over it. I told them sorry, but I did warn them before hand.

They also didn't feed me. Which now I understand why, but to a kid, whose mother works for the Emergency Room at Tulane...I was flabbergasted.

So how did this happen? How did I crash my bike? I don't know. About all I do know is I flipped over the handlebars and landed on my head. Thanks to whoever you are that came to my rescue I don't even know that much.

Eventually the swelling subsided they did not need to operate. I had a blood clot and fractured skull, and I couldn't do anything for about 9 months for fear I might bump my head again and dislodge the clot. I did ride, that very same bike, again... but I always thought about what happened to me that day. The really scary thing is that isn't the first traumatic thing that took place, not even in my childhood. And since it's going on still, I wonder what's next. That and I miss my friend David, but I miss a lot of things....

Friday, March 28, 2008

Um, I Forget

Well I had several ideas for today's post, but they remain out of reach for me at the moment. I know I'm going to have to be one of those people that has to write everything down lest they slip away into the abyss that is my head. But I keep hoping... I think this is an underlying problem with the stroke, but I was this way before, just maybe not as bad. This morning I left without coffee, a belt, and kissing my wife. What's guy to do? Seriously I had all kind of thought provoking maybe even never though of ideas in my head, but it's gone now, sipping coffee, with a belt, and kissing my wife as you are reading this. Aint that some shit???

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Proportionaly... of Course

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A History Lesson...

...of sorts. Basically the birth of Mad Hatter, and of this blog.

I first started out as a much different creature, but through a course of events, not all controlled by me I have changed. It began as me posting as myself, then my pet, but those things were too easily identifiable and I had some not so nice things to say about the school, etc. So the creation of a totally unrelated blog persona, the Mad Hatter, was necessary. People say if you want people to take you serious you post your name... well those people aint me.

First of all the blog we're talking about is The Bluffton Today, and it really isn't a blog rather a message board. I actually own a blog that predates this one, by almost 9 years, but in it I've only given about 10 people access to it. The BT site nothing at all like that, but still rather than argue about it, I'll leave it alone.

Next we have the weirdo factor. That is the amount of people who would talk to me as if I knew them all their life... or in the case of my particular pet, felt a need to personally connect with him/her... I'm not telling you what the sex is because people are strange. I got some rather peculiar notes left on my car as well.

Then there was the policy holders there at the paper. They could do whatever, whenever, however. You didn't control anything put up there. In fact they even went so far as to manipulate what you said or how it was to be presented. This is where the name poolpooping came from, because one of the editors said we were pooping or peeing in his pool, because they went through all the trouble to create this site, we better appreciate it... so says him.

My argument all along is that you can't really say what you want to and there isn't any control over what goes into your blog then all its worth is what I call fluffy, those nice conversations you have with grandma or basically something pleasant to talk about, nothing controversial. And so the poolpooping blog came to its existence, because I did want to control what I said and what I thought and how I have for the most part outgrown the small daily (and free) paper anyway. I won't say I don't miss some people there, because I do, but in a lot of cases most of those people have moved on to brighter pastures anyway. The idea was a great one, to take citizen journalism to the next level, however in reality what we got is a mixed bag at best, and certainly not worthy of anything other than the fluff moniker its been given.

So you see I didn't even really want all this, but this is what I got. I aimed to start a blogroll of people around here but unfortunately most of them are too lazy to start up their own blog (or post regularly in it). They would rather have the audience built in that the paper brings, regardless of the fact that they'll change what you write, or post something you say in the paper, or somehow become a poolpooper. That is just a brief overview, really but it gives you a basis of who and what I am all about, pretty much... Well sorta, we're all much deeper than that, but you get the idea.

Hurty Back and How to Get Rid of an Oyster

I have to share something and it probably isn't fit to say in mixed company, or really anybody, but it is funny.


Ok all the goody two-shoes gone?

On top of a hurting back, I caught a bit of a cold. So anyway I haven't really been able to cough the junk up normally, because of the pain in my back. I still cough, but not the full fledged bottom of your lungs type cough. I was taking a shower this morning and I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I'm standing there holding my back in agony while I have an oyster in my mouth. So I keep going from hurt back to oyster, because it hasn't fully come up yet. If you get this vision of somebody bent over then catching himself midway that pretty much nails it. Throughout the whole process I begin to laugh uncontrollably, because it really is funny. I Finally give one last cough, the booger comes out, and I am released for the time being. Maybe you had to be there, or maybe not but there you have it. Not the epitome of a good story, but still a funny one none the less.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Blues

Oh Monday, how I hate you so... It seems I dislike it even more when the wife is out for break. It throws my whole routine off. Anyway I don't have much to talk about so I thought I'd share one of my favorite dishes growing up. It involves hard boiled eggs, which you should have a plenty right now.

1 tablespoon of butter (you can go nuts with bacon fat too) per person
1 tablespoon of flour per person
Just over half a cup of milk per person, I used 3 cups when I made mine, and I have 4 people
some use 2 1/2... it really just depends on what consistency you want.
2 hard boiled eggs per person.
salt and pepper to taste

Basically we are going to melt the butter and stir or whisk in the flour in a frying pan. There are some that swear by the ability of black iron, and it is nice, but you don't need it. So you get your butter and flour to make a rue and you pour in the milk. I leave my flour and milk out, just in case I need it to thicken or water it down. I find a nice consistency and I then take hard boiled eggs (just the whites) and dump them in (chopped up). I then salt and pepper to taste and I grate the yellows down to use later.

The original recipe calls for toast, but I like it on a biscuit too, you get a good scoop on each piece of bread/biscuit half and then sprinkle the egg yolks on. You can use this same gravy with sausage (instead of egg whites) or go completely nuts and do both. Now you have another something you can do with all them Easter eggs, not just egg salad. I spent many a Saturday morning watching Super Friends eating this... in fact I dare say one of my cherished memories.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I woke up about a quarter to seven... not exactly ready for the day. I had for the most part make it look like the Easter Bunny came to visit. So I got up, my wife had already been up for over a hour, because my littlest one has the flu, and I began the whole facade.

We went outside, about 8:00 and of course the little one was excited, but it was under the assertion of the flu... she had a flu shot by the way. See it's been a sort of quasi-tradition of mine to make the kids run all over the place looking for eggs, treats, or some other goody the Easter Bunny has left them. It's pretty cool, but alas Jesus has pretty much been taken out of Easter. I just can't do it. About the most religion I can muster is a viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar. I guess that makes me a heathen. Oh well.

I've learned long ago that just because someone doesn't keep the sabbath day holy, doesn't make them evil, and vice versa. In fact I'd chose the occasional drinker/smoker way before I'd pick the holy roller. But there are all kinds of people out there, so it doesn't matter anyway. It does seem funny that while, and this is spoken in generalities because everyone is so different, the uncommitted or non-religious can pretty much put up with whatever, however the same cannot be put the other way around. Still there won't be any god in conversations around the garage or TV... it just doesn't work that way. And while I can appreciate that, because I really don't have time for those people... it makes me wonder if that's the problem, or at least part of it.

Happy Easter to everyone all the same. Let's remember the message of the person Easter's about, not propaganda or dogma or anything else.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My Pants

So there I was, working. Working the day away while all my friends had the day off. Working when my wife and kids are at home. Hot, sweaty work. Work that makes you think and work that is precise. Without telling you all who I am or where I work I'll just say it was a very special occasion. It comes up about twice a year, and I dread it.

Anyway, there I was, my wife came out to bring me lunch and it was a nice interlude to the day. Until I feel a rrrriiiiiipppppp. I just tore the ass out of my pants. Son of a... Now I have yet another decision to make, on top of all the stuff already to do. I figured since there is almost nobody at work, and I could for most part cover up the ripped pants, I'll just tough it out at the job site... I mean gas and all, you know what I mean?

Of course everybody starts asking, "why am I dressed that way?" and commenting and such. (didn't really plan on that) I figured I could just tell the few people at work I did in fact tear a hole in my pants, but thinking it and actually saying it are two different things completely. You just don't know how close/far you are with someone until you have to make a declaration like that. Thankfully only a few were actually there, otherwise I'd of had to go home, waste all that time changing, and then came back to work.

This whole thing I did today, it revealed quite a few deficiencies in my stroke recovery. Things, that may never come back. But it got done, or done enough. Tomorrow is another day as they say. And what be better than working Easter weekend? Ummm....Hmmmm

Painkillers, Money Grabbers, and Push-Ups

While I was at the doctor’s… getting my scripts for muscle relaxers and prednisone, my wife read to me the time magazine article about pay for performance for educators. At first I thought this was a great idea, then I started thinking more about it. This is the link. I think if pay is given according to a teacher’s skill level then great, but what about friends of friends, or basically the dead weight? I think that’s part of the problem with Beaufort County, that and to many chiefs not enough Indians.

Or what about teachers that may not be liked as much as another, and is left out of the progress? He/She may be a great teacher, but isn’t connected with the right people at the district. Hard to say. But one thing that isn’t hard to notice is the corruption. Just one school board meeting will tell you that. Anyway it’s something to think about.

Back to my prescriptions, why is it that growing up if a person got painkillers or what not... they’d claim it was the bomb, while when I get them all it does is make me sick or sleepy? Am I getting the wrong stuff? I’m just wondering because I don’t feel a thing with mine. I need the magic pill.

Hey it's Friday, and my old drill sergeant used to tell me, in 15-30 degree weather in Colorado, usually doing push-ups at dawn, "It's Friday, don't fuck it up." I'm not really sure what he meant by it, but it seems good advice to take. After all, this was a man who after running (not driving) all the way up to Pike's Peak and then asserted that he saw god. I think I would too.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

School Calendar

Well they went and did it, the school calendar I mean. Never mind that I was talking about this for over a month, still what is done is done and in a few years, you won't even remember that we had two calendars. Thankfully for me, mine is on traditional just started this year, the wife is on year-round and the little one isn't on anything yet. I do find it funny that a certain news reporter likes to put a "spin" on "the version that got teachers and students on both calendars out of school one week earlier in the summer ruled the day." Actually each school was given just one vote, and the SIC another vote, so ultimately the most any school could have is 2 votes. I wonder if she even asked. Why not let each teacher pick...hmmmmm???

And really what choice was given? Have an extra week off in the summer, or an extra week off for fall break. This really is the setup for one calendar, nothing else, why it gets repeated in the newspapers the way it has is beyond me. Oh wait, maybe we should kiss up to the district because after all they have our children.

Back Pain III

What a difference a day makes, that and a muscle relaxer/steroid combo. Anyway I think by Friday, all will be well with my back. I even bent down to pick a few weeds yesterday, that is until I got the back of my arm filleted by a garden tool and a 2-year-old trying to help. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, or even what happened but it hurt, really, really bad.

I think part of it might have been the surprise or maybe that’s a sensitive part of the body, but anyway. I looked like a bitch outside because I went down so hard. Stupid dog all in my face, my wife looking mortified, and the little one running from the problem… while I was lying on the lawn. That’s pretty much a day in the life of me.

20 minutes later it’s all good; I mean we’re on to yet another crisis in my 2-year-old’s life. Right now it’s either getting her to come inside or peeling her away from the sink as she now MUST wash her hands… all the time. Neither of which we like to do as much as she clearly does. So what was a post about the end of back pain, was really about how life with a 2-year-old is far from perfect.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back Pain Part II

Ack! Back pain. I don't think there's anything more debilitating than back pain, except maybe tooth pain. Whatever it is, it hurts. And the worst one is the one happening to you right now. So I went to the doctor yesterday and asked him if he could put me out of my misery. Turns out, that he can't.... aint that some shit? So I'm still alive, oh joy. Here's a Daily Affirmation comic to cheer any/everyone up...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Back Pain

I was going to post about what happened over the weekend, the storm, the garden, the out to eat with friends... but instead, one big bag of peat moss seems to have took me out. Which seems silly, I've been down in my back before...but never quite like this. Literally the trip from home to work made me a invalid. If I thought I could get in my car and drive away, I would, but for now I pray that the Ibuprofen kicks in soon.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Movie Reveiw: Horton Hears a Who

Last evening we (as in the whole family) went to see Horton Hears a Who in the theater. This was as much a recreation as it was a test to gauge my 2-year-old's tolerance to actually sitting and watching a feature length film. And while she did run off and play with the lights in the floor, fooled with her chair... and other people, she still did much better than I thought. In fact the theater was full of children and she didn't once cry... though others did. She was bright enough to call the kangaroo, not very nice, to the whole theaters delight.

The movie was ok, I mean I don't think a rated "G" movie and consider it's going to be an Oscar winning performance. It was a good movie none the less. Especially if you got kids. Believe me when I tell you as I have sat through a many a Pokemon movie to know the difference.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Daily Affirmation... Goodbye

Well today is a sad day. Ok, maybe not sad, but perhaps a little frustrating. One of my fellow blog jam startups has decided to call it a day, well sorta. Basically the Daily Affirmation was a group project that's intent was to have a witty or funny comic everyday. I was a part of that and still am, it's just now instead of "daily" it might be more like "weekly". And its coming on my page instead it's own. Maybe it'll take off here and it will go back to doing it's thing daily, I don't know. For now we will say goodbye and send them off with a comic...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Lunch

Every morning... at least Monday through Friday, my wife or my daughter makes me lunch. They make it because I'm not exactly a morning person. Since I'm the last one to leave, they usually leave my lunch on the counter in the kitchen. So I come on down the stairs, not really ready for the day, and I see there's an apple and a pack of crackers...but that's it. No sam'ich...WTF?!? I then look on the floor and there it is, with a piece missing. That darn cat! She ate my sandwich. And so, I had to make my own lunch... or at least sandwich. Anybody want a cat???

10 Things about the Internet, That I Hold True

I was perusing the internet, you know just looking around, and I noticed something.

1. blogger is full of blogs written by people from foreign lands (and tongues).

2. Of those that speak English, most of them are laden with photos of kids or pets.

3. MySpace is a bit more interesting, but yet more graphically headache inducing, if their profile is even viewable.

4. Girls for the most part have friends, but once they find someone they kind of kick them to the curb... until he dumps her.

5. However guys may have no friends, or very little (this includes me) so I don't think they kick anybody... Then again your mileage may vary.

6. Also as for men, your much more likely to find some weird shit and/or pictures with no shirt on.

7. There are people, who for whatever reason write their replies like a book. If I wanted to read 3 pages of soliloquy, well it wouldn't be on the internet. Just get to the point.

8. Nobody in High School really wants to know or even cares about you.

9. People also have a tendency to not use spell check (myself included).

10. And finally people, generally speaking... meaning not everyone, tend to have an opinion of them self, that isn't quite congruent with the rest of the world.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Baby... Gets a Bath

So a weird, though probably common thing happened over the weekend. My daughter, the little one, she, through all fault of her own, wound up in the bathroom. Specifically our master bathroom, that has a walk-in shower. Up until this point she would cry if either of us was in there taking a shower. Well not anymore. She was in the shower naked, because an earlier incident with a glass of Sprite, made her naked. It's all good... Or so we thought, because she was happily playing, and we were doing laundry or whatever... until...

She starts saying "Ut-oh, Ut-oh poo-poo." Well it was pee-pee, not poo-poo, but I guess it's hard for a 2 year old to express that. And really there wasn't a better spot to be in, except maybe over the toilet, if that was going to happen. Now it was a bit messy when she started stomping and clapping her hands in it, but we're right there, so she got a bath for troubles.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Morning Commute

This morning was one of those pea soup kinda mornings. It was foggy, and it was thick. Just pulling out from my house apparently was dangerous thing. It never fails that I am somehow a trauma magnet. Whether it's the guy in the new car with no lights on or the old beater that doesn't have working lights, they all gravitate to me.

Just last week a guy ran a red light and almost hit me, it's merely a factor of time before I see someone die or am somehow wrapped up in the mess they create. You'd think people would put their thinking caps on when they get in the car but just the opposite is true.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is, for most part, a great waste of energy. Of course add to it that I may have a cold coming on... it just gets that much worse. I don't even really remember why we do the time change... I think it's for farmers or to make us use less energy, something like that, but all it does to me is disrupt sleep. And to our 2-year-old, it makes life a little less tolerable. She now has to go to bed before the sun goes down, not all that bad, but we just changed her bed, so now she has an open invitation to do practically anything.

Even that wouldn't really be a problem if just one time was used, why we insist on this broken down system, I'll never know. And then all the hubbub of them changing the dates that we were going to the "Savings Time" this year thew even more salt on the wound.

Yes, in a couple of days I'll get used to this time, because we all will adjust. I just don't like to adjust for no reason, and I'm sick. I've been changing the clocks... more times than I really wish to say, because that's part of my job. So maybe I don't hate the time change after all.

Inspiring Things

It never fails to inspire me, to see my words some how relevant to someone else. My Ethics of Photo Illustrations gets all kinds of hits... from around the world. I know that many perhaps don't mean to click, as they are probably looking for something else, likely more newsworthy, but still when I see some of the places that these people come from... well you never know.

I've had hits from Nairobi, Turkey, Ireland, all over the US, and even throughout Asia. Such a small world does the internet create. I wish I'd get some comments from people in those far off places. Then I'd really have a viewpoint completely different then that of my own, even several perhaps. Maybe, one day, who knows?

More than anything that helps me keep writing, I realize that 99% of what I write is garbage, but for the 1% that isn't, well just maybe I've reached out and touched that one person. That is why I recommend that everybody blog. No other method can effect that kind of change for nothing. Here I am, Mr. Nobody, but maybe I have something to say that will cause something to stir. Maybe, just maybe...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Newspapers and Fluff

So the Bluffton Today did a 2 page piece on the school referendum. But they really didn't mention why we might want to vote no. That's too bad, but I really don't expect anything less from that rag. Adjust the damn attendance zones... For everybody in the county, and instantly you have relief. I don't know how much clearer I can make it. They mention their 5 year plan, hell mine would take days.

But I wonder where the money for the staff, and the money to stock each room full of supplies, money for buses, and a cacophony of other issues crop up. This really is just too much. And they just now got Red Cedar Elementary, or will have in a few weeks, going scheduled to complete the spring of 2009 (hah!). This was an emergency. A 3 year emergency? Meanwhile the schools fill up with mobiles.

We have all kinds of room NOB, and I really don't understand why maintenance issues (like a leaky roof, or doors thet don't close) are even on this referendum but I do know that the school district and board take us all for fools ...and apparently the newspaper too. I know that my blog doesn't reach as many people as THAT paper, and I know too that I'm not even the "expert" when it comes to the school district failings, but at least I've started. I ask that anyone who wants to post anything on this issue either email me or post in the comments. There is a whole lot of reasons to say no, and only the feeling of maybe doing good (maybe... and that a big maybe) if you say yes.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Did you know that you could get all your blogs, in one very easy to read place? Maybe you already know this. Maybe you don't. But basically you can glance at blogs to see whats going on, instead of loading them on each individual website. Using the RSS, you pretty much have just the basics, however if you want to visit that place, to comment or whatever you can do that to, right though the RSS reader.

My favorite RSS reader is GreatNews @

This allows me to surf through hundreds of blogs and its FREE of course. So if any of you are interested give it a try, it really is better that loading up individual websites.

Thank You

I'm not sure if I said this, and believe me I'm far from fully recovered, but I really do want to thank anyone who has wished my well or speedy recovery when I wasn't even sure I could hold a pen to paper, or type, or anything else. I was rummaging through blogs during that time, I can't even believe it happened to me. I know that most of you won't know what it's really like to go through a stroke, and that's ok, I hope you never do, but it does mean something to me, and I don't think I can really put it into words however this is my attempt.

This really was and is a story of progression. One day I can do nothing with my hand, a couple of days later I'm eating with it, well trying to eat with it anyway. A lot of things came back quickly, others still aint quite right. But the whole of me is for the most part better, or at least good enough. I can thank my doctors, nurses, physical, speech, and occupational therapists. And I do, but those are people that are paid to make me better, and being in the business myself, if they didn't get paid, they wouldn't be there.

Next is family, my wife for standing by me, even though I wouldn't have, my mom for dropping everything, including her job, to come out and make me feel better (as only a mother could). My siblings for calling, because honestly I didn't know you even cared. And my work and I list them as family, because they stood by me... for months when we didn't know what would happen.

Finally we're to friends. You are special because you picked me and I picked you. There's not really anything above that comes close to that. From the gift cards to buy something to eat, and believe me when I tell you, I lost weight, to just the letters and comments I've gotten. I will always cherish them.

You made a Cajun boy really learn something about human nature. I think the future is going to be ok when I'm reminded of that. Again thank you so much. There really isn't anything I can do to repay you, but I'm really glad I can call you friend.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


We had chilaquiles for dinner last night, the first time we've ever tried cooking it. If you don't know it's a Mexican dish that used tortilla chips (homemade) and softens them with a green sauce (enchilada sauce). It was simple, a lot easier than I thought. We threw some leftover chicken in with it, and while it tasted good, I couldn't understand when we made tacos how come they tasted so... blah. So the chilaquiles good, the tacos not so good, even though we were using the same basic ingredients.

The chilaquiles do for the most part turn to slop in about 30 seconds, so you have to serve it quick. So now its just one less thing or reason to go out to eat. With all the other tragedy in the world today, that's not so bad. $8 for of chips softened in enchilada sauce? I don't think so Pedro. All I have to do now is get the wife to like chorizo and it'll be no more Mexican restaurants for us. Unless it's for a taco, because apparently we haven't figured that out yet.

The Storm, Part 2

You know what sucks about the whole rain/storm thing yesterday? I didn't even get to see it. That is, if it even existed. I was watching the weather online, and there appeared to be a line from Savannah to HHI of pretty clear, or lesser rain (green) while there was yellow and red to the north and south of us. Oh well, the kids got, ummm, a hour off from school, and traffic was probably miserable, but I really don't know as I was stuck with this project until about 6pm. So if you were too busy actually working, you really weren't interrupted at all.

I've listed this on the Blog Jam, and now I'm going to here, if you have a blog, or you might be interested in starting one or you know someone who has a blog, please give me a shout. I always envisioned the Blog Jam taking off and doing much better than anything else I created, because thats the base, where everyone comes from... down to little old ladys to divorced older men, and then with the variety (if people join that is) people would go out to different blogs. So please, and especially to certain newspaper users, if you don't like the cookie cutter-ness of blogging like that, there is another way. I'm just saying...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Storm Warning

I don't know, or should say didn't know what all the ruckus was about when they started letting school out early today. Jasper County at 1pm, Beaufort at 2pm. Then it started coming down by the bucket full, and suddenly I could understand why. Although, really Beaufort might as well sit this one out, as kids will be on the bus during the rain. Not to mention, the parents of all these kids stuck in traffic, trying to get home, because of early dismissal. Me? I'm gonna enjoy the storm...

*EDIT* It really doesn't even look like this is going to do anything... oh well, if you do get damage, let me know :)

EDIT part 2 ... reports coming in of a knocked over chair... oh the calamity...


Blogger ate my post... seriously. That has never happened before. Oh well I don't really have anything to talk about today. Other than, I have been more that justified in emails about last week's infamous "idiot" word, and right now that feels pretty good, on so many levels. Still I'm not looking back on it, and I won't apologize for it. It is, what it is. But I do thank the people who at least see things from my point of view.

Today supposedly marks the day of judgment for the Democrats. I want to at least act like I care, but I don't. Gas is heading for $4 a gallon, I more than likely won't be able to sell my house if I have to move, and my 401k has basically imploded. We are in a world of shit, and I don't think anybody can get us out of it.

More gardening, or really pulling weeds that I let get out of hand over the past few months. I have a plan for the back yard, it involves elephant ears. A good friend told me all of the benefits of using elephant ears, and I aim to try it out. I basically back into a swamp, which eventually becomes a river, which then becomes an ocean. I would like to take the brambles and such out, leaving the oaks and magnolias with the elephant ears at the bottom. We'll see.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Weekend & ELO

So the weekend has past and I find myself worrying about a new month. I have put those things (like school) behind me, I'll deal with it again... I always do. We have obligated ourselves to another year of doing a garden. I know, for the size I'm talking about, it will likely never pay off, but I do have a bed that has nothing in it, with irrigation so I'm almost compelled to go through it every year.

On the way home from Wal-mart, with all proper gardening paraphernalia, I put in some ELO, and for a little while me and my daughter are rocking out... never mind that she left half the things I purchased at the store, I was trying to have a moment here. I don't think much music is as gay as ELO, but still claiming to be straight, and it probably does nothing good to say I like them but, I do. No other band, to my knowledge, puts rock-n-roll music and a strings section (violin, cello, etc) together. God bless you Jeff Lynne, with your white man's afro and porn star mustache.

The internet is something isn't it? Things we did over 20 or 30 years ago keep cropping up.

I'm working with my kid on her own blog, a photo-blog. In which she has pictures of some of the ugliest, stupidest, whatever they are... stuffed animals. It is in the beginning stages, and it will not be updated regularly. It is however, her pictures and her choice of words to go with them. I'm just helping with the rudimentary process. Look for more info about this in the future.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


So I apparently stepped in it yesterday. You know I never would have thought so much would be wrapped up in one word. The funny thing is when I talked about it with my daughter... she said they were "idiots" too. And this would be including her. Maybe we're just going on how someone is raised, or their set of norms, and if we are, I admit mine is not the same as anybody else's. But still I think we need to get tough on kids, or just call the whole thing off.

We might be happy when the offenders say their going to straighten up and fly right, but I've seen (and heard) it all before. Action speaks much louder than words, and we really haven't done anything yet. Now maybe it's just me, maybe I'm jaded by my own personal experiences, but really and truly, I can't hold my breath.

I don't think the lowest of the low need to be given so much attention. Because you simply won't/can't be able to count on them. Does that make me a cretin for calling them idiots? Maybe, but that doesn't even matter. I don't have any answers for having kids do well in school, because if I did, mine would do more. But maybe bringing this out in the open will do something... maybe

EDIT..... Again - I spoke to my teacher wife, and she pretty much confirmed what I already knew. Just look at the bell curve. The bell curve, I knew there was something, anyway she said look at the bell curve... you have some that are geniuses a whole bunch that are in the middle or normal, and the bottom dwellers. Its not popular to call anybody stupid... especially in this age of "no child left behind" but you still have them. And that, pretty much was what I was trying to say...