Monday, February 28, 2011

Are You Comfortable?

And so it goes... you should never get too comfortable, that is when you have kids. I thought everything was moving along quite nicely, thought it was.... Apparently I was wrong. The teenager decides to run off with her dog... and is gone for hours. My wife had her at school with her over the holiday (President's Day) because we had a sinking suspicion that she would get into trouble if left alone all day. So when they get home, my daughter immediately gets on the phone (because she doesn't have a cell phone) with this boy. 5 minutes later, she is gone. Her alibi? Taking the dog for a walk. Well, except she was gone for almost 3 hours.

Hmmm... if you are starting to smell something strange... it would be coming from my daughter's direction. I went looking for her when dinner was ready. I searched two neighborhoods, I came home empty handed. So we ate dinner, and my wife decides to go looking for her (it is getting dark outside now). She found her (I'm still not really sure how) in the woods with a boy. Yeah, my daughter swears they were just kissing, and all of that... I don't know, but she did what she did... and we think it was a known that she was going to get in trouble, she just off and did it anyway. No sense at all. I simply can not fathom it at all, but anyway.

I got all bent out of shape... I yelled at her, she yelled at me, cussing ensued, more yelling, I made myself sick with worry. Her mother/my ex was called to see if maybe she could come live with her (the jury is still out on that one). Two days later, after everything has calmed down, I was able to talk to some people, my wife was able to talk some people... we came up with a plan. It is not a good plan according to the teenager, but it is the best one we could come up with.

She will no longer ride the bus home in the afternoons. Why? Too much idle time on her hands means trouble... she will ride the bus to my wife's work (she is in high school my wife is in elementary) I would hope that the shame involved will straighten her out, but there is more. The teenager going to the ROTC military ball is out of the question now. The boy she met in the woods... that was to be her date. She can't be gone for more than 10 minutes when she walks her dog. We are looking to get rid of the dog. It just has a lot of baggage with her. It might be time to shed some of that... and we become one pet closer to a pet free home.

That is it, for now. I told her that if she doesn't like the rules I laid out for her, that she could be good and listen and they might change or she could go live with her mother. At first, I was through, I have been raising her on my own since she was 18 months old. There were times when her mother was around, but really it has all been me. I was ready to give up and let someone else have a crack at raising her. She has these mess up's, like at least one to three a year. And it seems she never learns. This time is her last chance. We put the onus on her. If she wants to stay here, if she wants to do well in school, stay with her friends, and basically make it in our house, she will have to live by our rules. If not, her mother can have her. Everything is pointing her in the direction of "straighten up and fly right"... but we have seen this all before. I'll let you know when she graduates...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 4

What is that they say about "you can sleep when you are dead?"  Yeah I don't think so. This is day 4 of Songbird's sickness. Day 2 of her sickness on antibiotics. I am so tired, yet can not go to sleep. Oh my...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Glorious Warmth

The days of frigid cold are behind us now (hopefully) and my two younger kids are busting at the seems to get outside and go to the park.

Here you see Augustus mid-slide... this kid likes the park, likes to swing, loves to slide, look at her, she is on a mission to give her dad (me) heart failure.

Here you see Songbird and Augustus... with Augustus intent on getting down the slide and back up again, it is what she does. This photo was taken the very next day. Songbird poses, Augustus just wants to slide, slide, and slide again.(notice her tongue hanging out in all the pictures, sort of like a dog... it is all good)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Classic Film Friday: aka Tommy Chong

This really isn't a "classic film" but I watched this movie, and I have to say... this movie opened my eyes, and made me regret to an extent voting for a republican. It documents the how, why, what involved in bringing Tommy Chong to justice. I think he was wronged, at least from watching the movie. Why was Tommy Chong sought out? Well you can only wonder.

Here is the trailer, I definitely recommend the movie. Whether you are anti-drug use or for it... He should not have gone to jail because of what his films, 20+ years ago "glamorized" smoking pot. Because yeah, I want to grow up and look like a fool, just like Tommy Chong did... Whatever.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Downtown Fiction - I Just Wanna Run

This one goes out to the teenager. She told me about the band, and how dreamy the lead singer is. Yeah, I have to listen to that crap just like I had to listen to Rick Springfield  in the 80's, you know what I mean plus we are just coming off of Valentines Day. So anyway here is The Downtown Fiction, I Just Wanna Run...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not the Birds We Were Thinking of When We Made Them...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tough Times

You know... times are tough. What am I talking about? Well the school district decided to cut coaches in half. It is not a decision I agree with, but something had to be cut, and this wound up being the "easiest" to cut. We all know it really isn't. Why? Well it will simply shift teachers from a support role to a classroom teacher role. And that is fine, my wife got told that her job got cut, she could apply for a coach position somewhere, but I don't think I, or my wife, wants to take on two schools, and the driving back and forth involved... for the same money she could make being a regular plane Jane teacher.

It is a mess, add to that my wife put in for a "master teacher" job, bombed on her interview, obviously didn't get it and now feels like a failure. Of course that isn't really true. But you can't help but feel that sense of rejection that my wife feels. I think in time she will be fine, she didn't really lose anything, other than a headache.

But still she is involved with getting her Masters in administration. And now she feels like an ineffective leader. Turning her feelings of "they hate me" to "what could I have done better" to "wow, they DO love me" (Ok that was very basic, but you get the picture) will take time. She is wondering if she is going in the right direction, if being a vice-principal or principal is really right for her. And reliving the rejection each time she does work for her administration class.

I really don't know, but if you don't play, you can never win. Is it better to never try and not face the rejection or praise, or is it better to go through some adversity? I really don't know. I have watched many make an ascent on the proverbial corporate ladder, some have fallen, others have gone on to bigger and better things, some have started their own business, some have stayed right were they started. Maybe what is needed is a sort of re-do. Ok, not really, we need to stick to the plan, see it through and then decide what we do from there.

Slow, plodding, thought out plan... go through with the school (there is no sense in quitting, we're paying for it no matter what), don't make any rash decisions (like take a coach job, when they may not keep them after next year anyway... leaving my wife with no job and no school presence either) and see how it plays out when she finishes her degree. And maybe have another kid... my wife's words not mine. She figures if she can't move up at her job, maybe she will move up in her home life... just sayin'

Monday, February 21, 2011

More Stupid Things

I was talking over with the wife about stupid things you did as a kid... And I remembered even more. They may not rank as high, but they are fairly stupid. I don't know how/why I did them, but anyway...

I once, in the 3rd grade, stapled my thumb. It was not an accident. I didn't think a stapler would go through my nail. I was wrong. So very wrong. I thought my thumb nail was harder than it really is... If you have to do it for yourself, go ahead, but I can honestly say, it isn't worth it, the stapler will win.

I almost killed my father while trawling in Port Sulfur. Why? Well I love my father, and I would never do anything to hurt him, but I almost did. Basically he was at the back of the boat, working with the trawl. I was back at the steering wheel/throttle control (about mid boat). we was working the trawl and I was just killing time, the wind started blowing us off course, I kept telling my father that I was going to give the boat a bit of gas to put us back on course. He told me not to worry about that. I worried, gave it a bit of gas, which made my dad unsteady and almost fall into the trawl. Thankfully he caught himself, and I didn't worry about it any more.

My bother did even sillier things, you know, went for a joy ride in my father's car, without dad knowing about it, shot out lights, windows, Christmas lights, people with his BB gun, set a 6ft privacy fence on fire... if I was a little bit of trouble he was trouble by the truckload. My wife's brother was also trouble, he painted or marker-ed all of her Barbie dolls black... every last one of them. He also got into trouble with his BB gun by shooting the pool, thus breaking the liner, and ruining the pool.

She also told me (After having some time to think about it) a story of her and her bother playing in the attached garage, her brother totally bluffed my wife (who was older... just so you know) into thinking she was stuck inside. Her brother closed the garage and ran away saying "haha... you are stuck in here." And she completely fell for it. So much so that she broke a window to yell for help. Yeah, she could have opened the door, but she was a very "goody two shoes" kind of girl, and being trapped horrified her. And she did what she did. But really, she still can blame her brother.

So does this mean males are prone to more risky events? I don't know, but from my not very scientific cross-section it would seem that way, but I have 6 sisters, and I know they can start trouble too. But with all those sisters, their problems could all be traced back to a boy... so I wonder.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sick and Partytime

We are sick... again. And the weird part is, again no kids were/are involved, it is just use adults (my wife and I). It feels like there is no end to the snot... literally. And the wost part of this is, the weather outside is beautiful, and oh yeah we were sick last week with a different bug too. We are both sick and tired of being sick... and tired.

Today is the actual party day for Songbird's birthday. We are having a tough time explaining the reason behind waiting to have the party on the weekend versus the actual day. I can't say that I blame her, I always WANTED to celebrate on the actual day too but anyway. There is going to be 10+ 5 and under aged kids at my house. How I will make it with so many is a mystery. I guess we will just see.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Foo Fighters - White Limo

This just came out on facebook, It is a video of the Foo Fighters new songs, White Limo. I believe that is none other than Lemmy of Motorhead fame playing the limo driver.

I got to say... I like it. The song has a heavy metal/punk rock sound to it. Something that I happen to like. I know it is not Thursday, the normal time I post on new, upcoming, or old music, but this I just couldn't wait. Enjoy!

Classic Film Friday: Blazing Saddles

When I think of funny, this has got to be up there near the top. Maybe it is the fact that every conceivable stereotype is used and obviously made fun of along the way. Basically set in  1874 in the town of Rock Ridge. A railroad needs to run right though it... but all of the citizens must be run out of town first.

Hedley Lamarr (Harvey Korman) is the evil, corrupt attorney attempting to get Rock Ridge on the cheap, Taggart (Slim Pickens) is his henchman... but he needs the people out now. So he contrives a plan with Governor William J. LePetomane (Mel Brooks) to send Bart (Cleavon Little), a black railroad worker to be the sheriff of Rock Ridge... thinking the people will up and leave, rather than have a black man as the leader of the town.

His plan pretty much backfires, and we are given one of the best movies ever. Bart along with Jim (Gene Wilder), "The Waco Kid", Lili von Shtupp (Madeline Kahn), and Mongo (Alex Karras) team up along with the citizenry of Rock Ridge to save the town... and it kind of spirals downhill quickly after that. This is not a movie for the kids, but it is so funny, you'll find a reason to put the kids to bed early.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My family has been driving me nuts with this song... now I will drive you nuts with this song... you know, what goes around comes around. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Think She Says No...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Songbird

The Songbird is about to turn 5. That seems crazy... but I can't believe the teenager is as old as she is either. Maybe when my kids are grown up, they will look back at all the memories I written about here and they can make a book and million's of dollars... or maybe not. It is strange how time never stands still, ever. Even when you are dead time just keeps on moving.

This year we are opting for a birthday party at home... with arts and crafts projects galore. It is strange to be having this at home since the wife and I thought we have gotten smarter over the years, and thus had the party at somewhere other than our house, because you have to clean like mad before and after the party, whereas if you have it someplace else, you don't. But who am I to go against the grain?

The child has grown so much. She is reading... a little, and I guess she should since she is the daughter of a Literacy teacher. She cannot change the car's oil or fix dinner, but she can help. And that is all we can hope for right? She loves her little sister and her big sister too. And she likes a lot of stuff I'd have never guessed she'd like. For instance football, Hot Wheels cars, dinosaurs, "boy cartoons", transformers, and most of all sausage.

Now I know I have to play with Barbie and house and kitchen and her little make-up parlor deal. But I can usually throw in a dinosaur or transformer into the mix. Not only does that offer a variety, it is also expanding her mind. But I'm an old hand at that sort of thing. Heck I've been playing since I was born.

We watch old Godzilla flicks together, blow bubbles, go exploring together... heck I know that she really is a mama's girl, but I know deep down she is a daddy's girl. Why? because I am the fun one, mommy is the safe one. Not taking anything away from her mother, it is what it is. Besides I think when kids get about 5 to 7 years old, they know how to play both sides of the fence.

So Happy Birthday Songbird! I know you will have a good one!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

You know, for men, at least the men I know... this is isn't a very good time. The next day, well then it is open season, but on this very superficial day, all bets are off. It isn't because we don't want to be romantic, but honestly if you are with someone and they wait until this day to show how much they love you... well I would think long and hard about that one.

Because this day comes with such expectations, many a man I know would rather just skip it. Have you been to the stores lately? Have you seen everything they say not to give your special someone, and yet they it is at every turn. The candy, the flowers, and/or the fuzzy teddy bear. Nobody really wants shit like that... yet there it is at every possible turn you may come to in the road.

And that is the pitfall that many men find themselves in, the whole I don't know what she wants... I'll just get her some roses or candy or (though I can't see why) a stuffed animal. Maybe you want to spice things up a bit and go with lingerie... Unless you know what size your SO (significant other) is and you know she will love it... I recommend against it. And if you are just dating? hahahahahaha... run, do not walk... run!

Perhaps a good dinner out will be nice. You and about 47,000,000 other people have the same idea, which means... long lines, long waits... oh isn't that romantic? Hardly. Jewelry? Sure if you got the money for that, but it has been my experience, it doesn't really do much. So what does that leave me with? Well I can't really comment on anyone else, but for me I find that sweet spot. Something that is too expensive for her to justify spending the money on herself, but if it were given to her she'd be happy. You have to talk to your SO to figure out where or what that sweet spot is, hell it may not exist, but talk and see. Many a question can be answered, without her even knowing it, until it is too late, and then you look like an old pro, because you simply listened. Take that to the bank. I got mine a mani/pedi that she would never get for herself, but then again I'm stupid, I'll buy it ;o) 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Stupid Things We All Do as Kids

Why am I broaching this subject? Well because it was pushed onto me by Augustus drinking milk, from last night, which was likely a little old... sitting out all night. It wasn't her fault, the milk belonged to the Songbird, so you could blame her, but it was the teenager's job to clean up, so you could blame her too. Basically Augustus found a drink and decided to partake... except it was a cup with no lid, and of old milk, it went all over her shirt. My wife was just about to leave. This sort of thing happens way more than we want it to, but what are you going to do?

So I start thinking, what was the stupidest thing you did as a kid? Me... It would have to be a tie between getting my... junk caught in a Foosball table... and wrecking my car, putting my head through a windshield, breaking my jaw, and losing a tooth... Yep, hey I said stupid, and I have to think that both rank high on the list.

My brother was always bringing home junk. He and his friends would bring home toys, swimming pools, a Foosball table, pretty much any and all things "interesting" that others would toss. It was junk, the people who owned it threw it away, but my brother thought it was gold. Anyway I was about 7 or 8 which would make my brother 12 or 13. The thing was not really stable, and it would tip and come apart in places, especially when you had active boys playing a game on it. I was simply watching, I leaned on the table, or right next to it, and it pinched my junk.

It looked and sounded a lot worse to me, because I was the one getting pinched I guess. I never went around that thing or anything else my brother dragged out of the garbage again. I guess that was more of a wrong place at the wrong time sort of thing, but I should have known better than trust something my brother got out of one of his dumpster diving expeditions. Now that I think about it, my father got off cheap, we didn't have much for entertainment... ah well.

Now the wrecking of my car... was totally my fault, and I'm still living with the repercussions of that retarded act. I didn't even have my license yet. I was getting it, that weekend, but that all got seriously messed up. I lived on a dirt road and when you live on a dirt road it gets washed out in places at times. I hit that and you get the feeling of loss of control, I thought it was cool, I stepped on the gas (I was just driving to the highway, turning around and coming home). So how did that work out? Not very good. I should have slowed down, but since I knew how to drive (NOT) I wrecked into a tree instead. I was driving a 1980 Dodge D-50. Standard shift. Yeah, not a car you want to get into washboards with.

I bit my bottom lip as my head went through the windshield (yep, no seat belt either). It took me sticking my hand up there and pulling it back right again. I didn't bite it completely (thank god) but I also spit a tooth out. I was a tad bit overcrowded on my jaw anyway. I did all this in the seconds after the wreck happened. There was the shock of all my teeth on the bottom being pushed so out of whack I needed oral surgery and oh year, my jaw was broken.

As you can see from the picture, I looked a bit drugged, I'm also rocking with a mullet. What can I say? You can, if you look closely at my chin, see some stitches. I was so out of it, but I think that was good for me. The surgeon did a wonderful job. I could not close my mouth, and thought that I would lose the entire front bottom teeth. The only one I lost was the one that popped out on impact (whole tooth came out). So from a money stand point, it was definitely the costliest mistake I ever made.

I still need a root canal in one of those bottom teeth, it doesn't bother me, no discoloration, no nothing but they tell me each time I go to the dentist. Still a very stupid, completely avoidable, extremely bone headed thing I did. I find I'm still apologizing for this to my parents 20 years later... not that either is looking for an apology, I just feel so bad that I did it. And as for the license? I got a 6 month delay on that.

Our children are a warning, that we too, had to be watched at every turn. The teenager has done it to me. She stuck a tissue, or a piece of balled up tissue so far up her nose (she was 4 when this happened), it would not come back out again. And it wasn't the first time it happened either (3 different times, some people need remedial training). Lucky for her I work in the medical field, have access to tools, to dig that thing back out. But why do we do it? I can only guess it is because we learn best when we screw up, and the bigger the screw-up, the bigger/more important the lesson learned.Maybe...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Them Dang Turkeys

Maybe I have some radioactive waste in my backyard, or maybe a witch doctor cursed the land... something had to happen. I drove home from work, I'm pulling into my driveway and when I get to the back of the house... I look across the yard and there are two wild turkeys eating from my bird feeder. I have been around. I know folks who hunt for turkeys. They get all dressed up with camouflage and be extremely still, and still they may not get one at all for a season or two.

But if I simply had a BB gun, I would have bagged, at least three this year. I don't hunt, but my grandmother was a taxidermist, and I helped her with deer heads, fish, bobcats, ducks. If you could stuff it, she pretty much probably stuffed one at some point. And anyway, we got a lot of meat from her taxidermy business. Ironically many hunters/fishermen wanted a trophy, not something to eat. We took it anyway, the meat and their money, and we were happy to get both.

So this leaves me in a bit of a quandary... What the heck did I do to deserve this? And if they keep coming around, I will find a way to get one (or more). And then what to do with it once I have one? Any ideas would be most appreciated.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Classic Film Friday: Xanadu

Please tell, what is not to like about a roller/disco movie? Not much I'd say. Sonny Malone (Michael Beck) is an artist, but he seems stuck in a rut. Kira (Olivia Newton-John) is a ancient Greek muse, and she befriends Sonny. Meanwhile Sonny befriends Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly) an older businessman (with money, and nobody to spend it on) and the three of them come up with the idea of a roller rink-night club. Oh yeah, the movie has some ELO in it as well. Except for an ending that falls apart, this movie is good for the whole family... And it has roller skating. Roller... Freaking... Skating!!! Music, love, dancing, this movie has it all.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cage the Elephant: Thank You, Happy Birthday

Cage the Elephant has come up with another offering, Their first was the self titled debut I liked it then and I like this one now. Again I was promted to get this album by a certain person who is of the teenaged variety. Here is Shake Me Down.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is It???

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why We Fail

My wife told me a story the other day and I could not nor could she... understand. Basically she went to a low-end apartment complex as a part of open house. It is an effort to do something about the low pass rates that the children of that area have. So to show the parents that the teachers are willing to give up an hour on Saturday to help bring the scores up, hoping that they too care about their kids.

Well that was all good, I mean she went, they had some parents show up, others not so much, but at least she (my wife) can say she went. Then she tells me about a child that was no older than 2. He was the brother of kids that were of age to be in school... 5,6,8 I don't really know there ages. Anyway he accompanies his mother, and then the mother is gone. leaving behind a rambunctious toddler. He climbs up the playground "thing", acts like he is going to jump, lucky for him, the mother, and anyone else, that my wife is there to catch him. And still no mother. I think this is the problem with kids that find themselves in situations like this. Nobody is around.

My wife signals to one of his older siblings to take the toddler home. But really, what are you going to do? Should we have just called DSS? That would not do the teachers much good, since they are out on their own dime to show support for the children... not check up on the parents. Just ignore it? Well, I don't think the little boy would have liked it (or his mother) if he had to spend time in the hospital. Exactly how do you get people to take some (all) responsibility?  

Could you imagine leaving your child that is 2, all alone at the playground (ok not all alone he had his brothers and sisters with him)? I can't even begin to fathom it, and yet this woman clearly did. We cannot afford one more kid and yet there are people out there that don't have a care in the world about raising their kids... and making more. I just don't see how we can improve, if the folks we are trying to help really don't want help to begin with.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Why Do I Have to Yell?

What am I talking about? Well I (and my wife) have found that if we ask nicely not much happens. For instance when it is morning time and everyone is getting ready to go... everyone but the Songbird that is. We tell her and tell her and tell her, get ready, put on your shirt, pants, socks, shoes... blah, blah, blah. She rarely if ever moves right away. But if I raise my voice, magic happens. It almost gets done before I finish yelling it.

It is the same when talking to the Teenager. I'll be saying clean your room, or do your laundry, or take your dog outside... and nothing happens. If I belt out loudly, things happen. Suddenly the heavens part, a bright light shines and miraculously... what I told her in the beginning is done. Even Augustus does this, but in her defense, tiny kids like her are supposed to do this, it is how they learn. But when I'm already running into static from the other two, it just makes me crazy.

I've become a cranky, old, simpleton. I don't want to yell, really I don't. So this goes out to all of the people in Publix, I know I might look or sound mean, when I yell at my kids, but in reality, I'm just seeking peace for everyone. And someone is making the baby cry, so I try to fix that by yelling at the culprit (Songbird), then while I am distracted by the culprit (Songbird) one of the others baby or teenager does something else to make me mad and then I try to deal with that and someone else does something.... it is a viscous cycle, and it never ends. At least I don't think so, it hasn't ended yet.

I just want to live in peace and quiet and maybe I screwed up thinking I could get that with kids around... But really I'm not a total asshole.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

And Another WTF Moment... Again

Endhiran is the name of this movie out of India. It is dubbed in Russian. I am anxiously awaiting its release in English. Because I really have no idea what is going on, but it seems pretty cool... I guess.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This is What They Were Talking About

I finally got a weekend, where yeah it was nice out (not this weekend, last weekend). Not too hot or cold, no bugs, paradise. My hammock was screaming my name... and I of course... complied. As did my dog (the other one).

Friday, February 4, 2011

Classic Film Friday: Invasion of the Bee Girls

Well I had to do a sex-ploitation film sooner or later right? This one is not for kids, hell I don't even know if it is for adults either. Basically Neil Agar (William Smith) is a security agent with the State Department, and he is investigating a man's death, which quickly becomes an almost serial killing, in that they are all men, and they died from extreme exhaustion or they are having sex too much.

He is in the town of Peckham, California and they swing around there. Practically everybody is doing it with someone other than their spouse. It was the 70's, what else can I say? Would you not have sex with someone if there was a strong chance you would be killed? Well I know what I would do, but I aint them. A scientist, Dr. Susan Harris (Anitra Ford) has devised a way to have radiated bees, get women to kill men. I really can't explain it any further, because honestly, the whole thing kind of falls apart. Watch this if you like the 70's, campiness, or looking at naked women who have insect eyes.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wanda Jackson - Thunder On The Mountain

What an incredible woman! You can see here here: in 1958

Or you can see her here: today. I can't get over the fact that she basically sounds the same, even though 50+ years have past. You go girl!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

He Doesn't Know, So Don't Ask Him

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Money Orders

I need to tell you all a story. It is a tale of how hard it is to get money and how stupid I am. Like usual the story involves the Teenager and her mother (my ex-wife). She (the ex-wife) sent some money to my daughter for Christmas. This is a huge surprise as usually she doesn't bother. So she goes to a western union, gets a money order, and mails it off. With me so far?

She has the money sent to me, as the Teenager doesn't have an ID. So it becomes my problem. Yah! Ok so I take the money order to Publix. They don't cash money orders. So I look online for who would cash the money order. Well they never really say... they do list places that have a Western Union, and I assumed that anyplace that was a Western Union, would cash the money order. This assumption would be very wrong. Wal-Mart, Bank of America (inside Wal-Mart) another Publix, Food Lion, and a gas station.... would not cash the money order because they only cash their money orders... which makes no sense to me because if I owed someone money that was right here in the place I lived, I would just give them cash... not a money order. This money order was from Winn Dixie, we have no Winn Dixie around here.

So finally I went to my bank, deposited the money order into my account, and took the same amount out of my account to give to my daughter. I can only hope that they will take the money order (it was late by the time I got to the bank, so I just used the ATM). Money orders used to be just as good a real money... clearly they are no longer. I was going around town with money that no one would take, with my daughter in tow, trying not to use my bank account. I wonder what would have happened if I didn't have a bank account?