Saturday, December 29, 2007

update again

I just wanted update everyone to my progress. Essentially everything is improving, except my right arm. I keep trying, but it just doesn't work. I drop almost everything a try to hold with that hand. I can't eat with it either, or pretty much anything. I mean i can sorta work with it, but its at half the strength of my left hand.

My job has been really, really nice about this, but I want to get back to work. It is getting boring around here. I know I should be scared about living, but I can't live that way. After the 1st of year I make almost an appointment a day for a while. So i will get busy, but I can't really think on that.

So thats pretty it...

Friday, December 28, 2007

Classic Film Friday: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

This movie review takes a look at the 1958 film, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Elizabeth Taylor plays Maggie the Cat and Paul Newman plays Brick, her husband. While, Burl Ives plays Big Daddy Pollitt whose family fortune is sought after in this adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play.

Its good because of good acting but also because of the down home, didn’t even suspect it until the end kind of ending. Burl Ives is the runaway character of this movie, but all the characters are good. Rent it yourself, and you’ll see what I mean. Short review, for obvious reasons.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Still stroke victim, nothing else new

I don't get to post here as much because of the time it takes is now a lot longer. but still i will post and their saying in a mouth or two i should be fine. Define fine I don't think so, but I can be labeled the skeptic.

Christmas is finally come and gone, and quite frankly I couldn't wait for her to leave. All those well wishers that hoped everything was ok, well really weren't anything but hopeless asses. If you really were worried about me, then make the trip out here end of story.

Anyways we got another holiday right down the pipe. Once that is done, then it will be smooth sailing. Although I still make a hideous face when i laugh or cry at least i still do. Hoping to do better by next Christmas...maybe I'll have a classic film friday

Friday, December 21, 2007

what the hell

There's a lot going on at my house. To break it down I've been better off. I've lost all kinds of myself. What am I talking about? Basically December 5, my body refused too respond and I went into a stroke. Yes you heard right. Mr Madhatter, Mr idontcare, was down with a stroke and its not even thought of.

What now? How should I even know?

My right arm is dead, no ability of writing, no ability to drive, shit i can't even put my shoes on. This will probably will be my only post on this, so now you know...

Monday, December 3, 2007

My Case For Having Children

I’ve realized recently that I have once again entered a fleeting moment in parenthood that is about to fade into memories. Those of you out there with children probably know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that time between being a baby and a full fledged kid, “toddlerdom” if you will, when children are excessively cute, exceedingly curious, and incredibly fast learners. She can now pick up on a new word within the 1st or 2nd time she hears it spoken (much to my embarrassment sometimes), and like a broken record, repeats it over and over and over again. Always testing the waters, whatever can be touched, seen, heard, smelled, not to mention opened or taken apart, simply must be felt, looked at, listened to, sniffed, opened and more likely than not… dissected.

She’s also very much aware of the variances in her social interactions with all of us. She’s learned (mostly) that the cat is not the one to be trifled with, and yet tests her almost daily. She’s cognizant of the consequences involved and treads lightly at first. If the cat happens to be in no mood for the child’s antics it’s not long thereafter that warning bite is delivered and a “NO, NO, NO, kitty!” is heard throughout the house. She knows how to garner her sibling’s attention, push mommy’s buttons and how to get daddy’s affection. She’s basically manipulated everyone in the house to do her bidding, and yet we all happily accept our servitude (cat included).

It’s hard to imagine a voice that can’t even properly annunciate the word “popsicle” (usually pronounced “gogck-pickle”) would carry that kind of clout, but it is what it is, and my kid isn’t even spoiled. She sleeps in her own bed, no more bottles or pacifiers, and TV shows (the Wiggles and Sesame Street primarily) are rare treats. I can only imagine how tight the bonds of parental slavery are in other, less disciplined households. And so it is that every part of our day is scheduled around the youngest, weakest, least capable amongst us, and yet one unsolicited kiss or hug …an act so pure and free of ulterior motives… somehow easily justifies the expense, the snot noses, the sleepless nights, and the complete encroachment upon life as I knew it.

Parenting is a hard, often times thankless hobby, but worthwhile nonetheless.