Saturday, April 30, 2011

Off I Go

So I'm going to visit my mother today. Spend some time with her, laugh, maybe help her in whatever way she needs for 6 days. I'll miss my wife and daughters very much, they have soccer games and school work and other stuff I probably can't remember. Still they know I love them and I know they love me. Whenever I take these kinds of trips my mind races through all the "what ifs".  What if my wife finds a new love? Yeah right, but could it happen? Maybe but not very likely (besides I have it on good authority that I am the man of her dreams). What if I'm killed in a plane crash? Well, that would suck, but once you go, well your gone, it is out of my hands unless I can take control of the plane... which I can't. What if while I'm seeing my mom, we are involved with a car accident and someone dies? How about if something happens to one of my daughters or wife while I'm away?

There are a multitude of "What Ifs" and I can't possibly think of them all. So what can I do? Live right, tell everyone how much I love them and then if the worst does happen... then it happens but it doesn't happen without you making sure they know how you feel. It still doesn't shut up the voice of doubt swimming in my head, but you are just going to have to get used to that (if you are me).

I may post like regular or I might be too busy. I really don't know. Or I might die. Whichever it is I will come back (unless it is the dead one) and post about it. Being a zombie blogger doesn't sound like fun, since I'd be more likely to want some brains to eat. Yum, nothing like thinking of that before I get on an airplane. LOL

Friday, April 29, 2011


No movie today. Sorry, but equally entertaining is my daughter's 5-year-old soccer team.

Last Monday, the Songbird scored her first goal. I am so proud, even got my chest puffed out a bit... I have been working with her now for about 3 weeks, and the hard work has paid off. When she score the goal, it was like everything was in slow motion. and she was in the right place at exactly the right time, and then BOOM she kicked the tar babies out of the ball and scored the goal. It was not "the game winner" but for us, I think it lit a fire and it is definitely something we can work on.

I know it is 5-year-old soccer, but I can see something in her eye, a drive, a determination, to win. They don't even keep score at these things, but by my recollection, we are 3-0... and a lot of that falls on the coach. Right now there are maybe 4 or 5 girls (out of 10) that want to win. Of the teams we played so far I see maybe 2 or 3 girls have that same will to win. Anyway, it is coaching that keeps everyone where they are supposed to be (i.e. defense is where the defense is, not at the other team's goal). And I think it is great the way she gives equal time to everyone. Ultimately those girls are there to have fun, but it is so much nicer to win than to lose.

So yes I am proud, because many things the coach tries to teach are the same things that me and the Songbird go over at home. Now from here there is a big hurdle that has already been crossed, she knows that with more time, practice, and dedication she can do better, and maybe we have found a great thing that will keep her up and going (not to mention her father) and not become a couch potato. We'll see, but I think so. Here is to (hopefully) many more goals to come.  

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bahamas - Already Yours

Sometimes I get music suggestions from the strangest places. This one I got while on facebook, go figure. This is a Canadian singer, who goes by the name Bahamas. It is folk, but it is good too (not that being folk is bad... just sayin). 

BAHAMAS - Already Yours from Mitch Fillion ( on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Had No Idea They Had a "Fuckin' Grass"

Yeah um... I didn't write this, but I did receive it. So I'm sharing the love. This post-it note was on my car. At the Soft-Shell Crab Festival. You would think if I parked by the school I was ok... But my wife and this message proved otherwise.

Also, there was 3 other cars that had the exact same message. Next year I'm parking on the "nice" side of town.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Death and I

So we (my mother and I) were talking. My wife also made a brief appearance as well. What were we talking about? Dieing, or rather almost dieing. It is something we have grown close to... Mainly me almost dieing, and my mother picking up the pieces afterward. I don't think any of the near death experiences were meant to happen. They just did. Meanwhile my mother had a few near-death experiences and my wife had none.

Sometimes it was a simple helping hand as I was choking, turning blue, and someone gave me the Heimlich. Other times it was a matter of nobody really knew what the hell happened, but there was the ambulance anyway (in this case I wrecked my bike, trying to crack concrete and instead cracked my skull... I do not recommend it.). Other times like the time I had spinal meningitis, it was just a thing I caught. I don't know from who, but I sure did get it. While at other times I was caught up in the throws of stupidity (also known as being a teenager) Driving too fast, or somehow was in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong idiot (a high school "friend" was running his mouth... someone else showed him he had a gun, It could have gotten really ugly real quick. That "friend" is dead now.)

Anyway I ran out of fingers counting the times I almost died. And somehow I always managed to live. I can't help but wonder why? A cousin, (who is much more like an uncle, he save me once) said I am just a lucky son of a bitch. He said that to my mother, so if you take that literally, well you could get offended, we don't however. I laughed... because it is funny. I guess you just had to be there (my mother laughed too). Anyway now there is kind of a sense of invulnerability. But I'm not letting that go to my head.

It isn't like I'm driving 100 down 278 or smoking cigarettes again (I quit like 14 years ago). But it seems I'm either lucky or good or both and/or dumb as well. I do know that I have been blessed to have friends and family around to pull me back out of death's grips. I'm not ready to go anytime soon, so I reckon they all get a well deserved thank you and I'm sorry that for whatever reason I need your assistance, I happily accept it and go on to live another day.

Whenever it does come time for me to go, I hope that I'll find myself with friends and family again. We all have to go sometimes, some of us go and come back again (repeatedly)... It looks like I am once of those people.

Monday, April 25, 2011

It Sucks

So the other day the worst thing happened.  I over-estimated on my insulin and crashed. This is normally not that big of a deal, I just need to eat or drink something, but this happened at night, while I was asleep. And I didn't exactly wake up. In fact my wife dialed 911 after trying to wake me up for an hour. It wasn't like I was unconscious, I apparently have another person living inside of me. I don't like this... at all.

But there isn't a whole lot I can do about this. Other than, never crash at night. Yeah it kind of sucks. One it sucks that I have this alter-ego. One that I really can't control. And then the other part... the you might have another stroke part. That gets caught in my throat. And it won't quite go down.

The thing is I have very little control over the whole situation. My wife understands, I think she understands better than I understand. I apologized 50 times over and she said she forgives me, but I can't say it won't happen again.  And that is the part about this whole deal that really, really sucks.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter! I hope everyone is going around, hiding eggs and eating chocolates and/or watching some Jesus on TV. Yeah that is what it is like for me anyway.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Classic Film Friday: Jesus Of Nazareth

Why? Because. I like to preach against the people that aren't really into it or the people who are into it way too much, it is weird like that. I don't necessarily hate god but religion? Maybe so. But believing in Jesus is not the same as believing in some doctrine like the Catholics or the Baptists or the Mormons... It is about the man and nothing else. How does the death of Jesus turn into rabbits laying eggs? I do not know. Anyway this is my favorite Jesus movie.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alison Krauss & Union Station - Paper Airplane

I don't do a whole lot of country music. I think it has its place, mainly in my past, and here I am with no time machine. But I do love me some Alison Krauss & Union Station. Guilty pleasure maybe? Perhaps. Though it really is bluegrass not country. They came out with a new album that was released last week. Saying I like it is besides the point really. See what you think.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Back Story... of Sorts

Last week the dead squirrel in the road picture was taken by my teenager. Ok no big deal, but when I was driving by the spot the next day, the squirrel was gone. Likely picked up by a buzzard or something. But the wheels in my head started turning. With it being so close to Easter, I started to wonder, is this the Jesus of the squirrel-world? Ok probably not but what if?

So I started thinking some more. Maybe it is a bit too sacrilegious, but then I thought of Lazarus. Maybe he is the Lazarus of squirrel-kind? Whatever, it was funny, at least to myself and the teenager. Meanwhile I had no picture of a squirrel. I searched, but came up bupkis. Then I saw one way up in a tree... and that is the picture you see. It is all of 15 minutes to get it all together, but anyway. I hope everyone can enjoy this touch of heresy, as much as I did...

So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am a NASCAR Fan

I don't know if anyone knows this but... I like NASCAR. Yes, it is true. I introduced my wife to the sport and the guy she picked to route for won the championship 5 times in a row. So I have had to live with a woman whose main reason for picking the man was because his first and last name start with the same letter. You know like comic book characters?

So my guy, he has not done so good in recent years. The mythical son of one of the best drivers ever... Dale Earnhardt Jr. I came to like him because I liked his Dad, but he died, at Daytona, during a race. I always liked senior, he was an older, southerner and he won a lot. I liked his son ok, but he didn't drive with the emotion that his father had. But anyway I had to like somebody and when you like someone in NASCAR, you automatically hate someone else. Somebody who made your guy wreck, or come in 10th instead of 1st, maybe he was just in the way.

Well I had to like someone and I gave Jr' a shot, because I guess I wanted him to recapture some of that swagger that his father had. He had the equipment to do the job... that is until his father died, and then something happened. He couldn't seem to win as much anymore. Then the unthinkable he had to drive for someone else. That someone else was Hendrick... the same owner as the 5 time champion. That took some getting used to.

And it took some time before he would get competitive. This year it looks like things may finally be breaking his way. He hasn't won yet, but he has been right up there, several times this year. If you saw the race at Talladega (last Sunday) you know what I mean. Though he would have needed another lap to win it all, he certainly made it interesting. He pushed Jimmie Johnson to victory, yep the same guy my wife likes. At least now I can honestly say "Wait until next week" (or two because they aren't racing due to Easter) and I actually mean it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Time Off...

So I got off from work (which requires me to find someone else to cover my account). I'm flying out to see my mom alone. That will be somewhat strange as I don't think that has happened since I came out to Hilton Head for the very first time, 7 years ago. I'm a big wuss that I thought I was. This whole cancer stuff is bigger than anyone knows, that is until it comes up and bites them... then they know.

I always thought my father, who worked in and around all sorts of dangerous chemicals nuclear plants, shipyards, paint factories... would get sick, and he did and he overcame all of that. But my mom worked in a doctor's office or hospital not some chemical company. So I guess it just took me by surprise. I don't guess anyone can really expect it. Still I'm learning to accept it and deal with it (and it isn't even my disease). I hope it never happens to me, but when my mother gets through this I will have both to look at and know I can do it if need be.

But for now I leave my kids in my wife's capable hands, and go to my mother. I wish that it was under different circumstances... like she won the lottery or just a regular family vacation, but it is not my mother just joked that it took cancer to make me come out there, honestly I'll be the brunt of every joke if it means my mom will stay a little longer. So I get on the plane Saturday and come back Thursday. That seems so inconsequential so mundane why do I have to jump through so many hoops, pull so many favors? I guess it comes with the territory. I am glad that I can take time off and be with my mom (in two weeks). So simple yet so hard to come by...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Foo Fighters - Extra - Better Off

I certainly don't want to come off as a fanboy of the Foo Fighters, but they included this song and a remixed song of Rope in the deluxe version (i.e. it cost 11.99 instead of 9.99) and I really like it. Perhaps you will too.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Proffesional Chef

My teenager came to me the other day and said "I am not an expert chef when it comes to a PB&J" I say "Really?" Perhaps she could take lessons from this guy:

I mean, who can screw up a PB&J? Apparently my daughter.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Classic Film Friday: Fantastic Voyage

Ok I don't know where it went, but somehow my pick for classic film friday got lost. It was (is) Fantastic Voyage. It pits us (the USA) against the Russians in the race to miniaturize everything. It was a bit dated but still, it was what it was. I don't have time or energy to go back and do a full write up again. This is the movie trailer. It does a pretty good job of selling the movie all by itself.

Fantastic Voyage - Original Trailer
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

James Brown - Icon

I was just poking around the CD's at Target. This CD popped up for $7.99. I thought what the hell. I think time has been kind to James Brown after he died. People remember the shows and songs much more than the crazy stuff he did outside of that. I know I did...

These songs are on the CD, but the version may be different. Still the man is an icon. I wish there were somebody like that still alive today. Needless to say it was a good 8 bucks.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Raising Awareness

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Because of Spammers that seem to think they can all gang up on a particular post and post whatever on a post I make... I sometimes have to turn off comments. This is strictly a spammer thing. Most times it happens on a post that is months old, the last one it happened on was The Anhinga. Which is 6+ months old. I don't think anyone is interested in San Diego Renter Insurance or Self Storage Brooklyn or Yoga or how to make their penis bigger (now that I wrote "penis" I will likely have to turn off comments to this post as well). And they just start posting to it relentlessly. I'm sure it is some robo-thing, but it still freaks me out. Luckily Blogger recognizes it, and it never makes it past them. So on the front end, nobody even notices.

I need to turn off comments to lighten the load on my in-box. But if anyone wants or needs to make a post on something and can't. My email is Just let me know and I will turn it back on. Spammers be damned! May they all wake up with venereal warts on there spam encrusted fingertips and their tongues burn with 1000000 hot peppers, or at least have a bad day.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another One Bites the Ear Tubes

So besides dealing with my mom's cancer, daughter's soccer, teenage daughter trouble, keeping a wife happy, paying bills, going grocery shopping (makin' groceries if you are from New Orleans) and life in general... my littlest, Augustus (who is vying for the Songbird name but may take "Dancing Queen" instead) needs tubes put in her ears and have her adenoids taken out as well. Why not take the tonsils out while we are at it? You got me... I have no idea.

Augustus has had 9 ear infections and that is just way too many. So off we go to get the problem solved (not really today, just in general) and hopefully afterward, we will have a non-sick, un-ear infected kid and won't have to look back.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Song...

I know, I seem somewhat stuck on the Foo Fighters lately... but this song, it is the last on the new album, it is called Walk. It is a song that you hear in movies where the guy (or girl) is trying to reconnect with someone (i.e a girlfriend) but there is some many other things it could be... someone overcoming an illness (i.e. a stroke or cancer). Which is what I think about when I hear it, my mother and breast cancer. I know (as does she) that I am not ready for her to go. So far from what she says now, is she won't have a mastectomy. I mean, she says she won't get one because she feels like it is too invasive, and more likely than not she will die anyway, and so she wants to go on to die if she needs to have her boob(s) lopped off.  She and I both work in health care... we know the score, and I know she is likely correct.

And that is fine... I guess, I'll respect her right to do whatever she wants. But I'm just thinking from my side if whatever comes to pass then my kids and sibling's kids won't have a grandmother. That is sad. I hope the news is better... that she does not need a mastectomy, that she will get cured and live 10-20 years more (or longer). It is hard to lose someone you love. Hell I'm still pissed about that stupid fricking dog that became an alligator's lunch 6 months ago. I don't know how I will fair if when I lose one of my parents. I always thought that they would lose me, that I would be the first to go, lord knows, I tried. Now I know how they feel. And it is not very nice...

Now I'm in some kind of catch up mode. I want to go see my mom... as much as I can, but I have kids, bills, a wife, a job... all of which keeps me busy here. I don't know how I will balance it all out. I'm scared I won't get to see mom much if the worst happens. And of course you know, I think everyone knows that would really suck. Just like letting the dog out to go pee...I never saw him alive after that. I don't want a repeat performance with my mom.

EDIT: So my mom got news that is somewhat good/ somewhat bad. At first they recommended a mastectomy, which is par for the course. Everybody I know that was treated for cancer, they always recommended cutting off the most, then they would kind of back off. So my mom is going to have chemo and radiation, shrink the tumor and then them a lumpectomy. But they say this is more risky than going in and taking the boob off. If you ask me, cancer in and of itself is a dangerous thing, and not much else can be more riskier. We will see...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Polishing Horns

The soccer bug has bitten us in the "Hatter" household. The 5-year-old, the Songbird as it were, has been signed up to play soccer down at the soccer complex on Buckwalter. We opted to let her do this rather than drive so far to go to dance class. It was welcomed by all.

But, there were some things, some unforeseen things that are creeping up on us all. The first is the bugs. Good god almighty the bugs at 6-7pm are horrendous. And it is sand gnats, which means really, it doesn't matter how much bug spray you use, it won't work. Well that is fine, I mean somebody has to feed the sand gnats until the mosquitoes can take over right?

The next is a "problem" with aggressive behavior... or the lack thereof. The Songbird is not exactly what I would call aggressive at all. In fact she may well be one of the meekest one's out there. I might could help, but it will take help from her mother-my wife. When I tried to tell her to be a more aggressive player, to go kick the ball, that the other team will not be nice, that she needs to take the ball and put it in the opposing team's goal... I got the what-for from the wife.

Why? Because she wants our little angel to stay that way and if I teach her anything else, well why would I do that? I'll tell you why, after going to a scrimmage game in where her own team was cut in two. If we don't do something she will likely quit. She came up to me after about 15 minutes of being 10 steps behind everyone else... and ball... with a pouty face like you would not believe.

I asked her "what's wrong?" And she said "Nobody will let me kick the ball." It was a Hallmark moment. I told her that not everybody is going to be a nice guy, and not everybody is going to let you kick the ball, because if they did, then they might lose. I'm hoping that I turned on a light for her, because really, getting eaten alive by those pesky sand gnats really isn't very much fun. I'd hate to do that just to make my child pout. I mean, I'm sure we could come up with something for my kid to do at home, where I don't get eaten alive, and costs me nothing.

The only part that was missing was my wife. She was inside, putting Augustus to bed and working on her graduate class work. If she would have been witness she would see that you do in fact need to put devil horns on that angel, or do something else. Sports is just like that. Not necessarily bad or mean, but you can only have one winner, and that usually goes to the fastest, more skilled, most aggressive player out there. I'm not saying I'm going to train my daughter to play on the US soccer team. Hell I don't even care if they win, but I will make it possible for her to possibly score a goal... Maybe.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Classic Film Friday: Commando

Yes this movie is a guy flick, I know this, but I watched it the other day and gained a greater appreciation of the comic genius of Schwarzenegger. His one liners are great, and this movie really underscores why he is a competent actor, not to mention he has muscles galore (so maybe it isn't a guy movie after all). The Premise is one that every man with a daughter thinks about often.

John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a retired Special Forces colonial. Since he is retired, he doesn't want that life anymore. His daughter, Jenny (a 15-year-old Alyssa Milano) is John's life now. Except there are some men that want to change that. Arius (Dan Hedaya) and Bennett (Vernon Wells) get together to make a potentially dangerous team. Arius is a former dictator that was overthrown due to John's (and the US) help, while Bennett used to work for John, but got fired/removed because of excessive brutality. There is also Major General Franklin Kirby (James Olson), he used to be John's boss and would love to be his boss again, but John aint having any of it.

So what are all these people doing? Bennett and Arius plot to kill all of John's former team members, which they do. John is warned by Kirby, which quickly, turns into a bloodbath. Literally the second Kirby leaves, John is assaulted. Bennett kidnaps Jenny, They make a deal with John that if John will assassinate the leader he helped to put in office, Arius can be leader once again, while Bennett just wants to get back at John.

So what happens next? Their plans are pretty much screwed as John doesn't play well with others. Do I need to say anything further? I think not. 100 to 1 odds isn't very fair for the 100. That is if you are going up against Schwarzenegger.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Foo Fighters: Wasting Light

Check this out. Or you could just look at it here: Wasting Light by Foo Fighters

The link is to the Foo Fighters album in its entirety. What? You might be saying... if they did that they would be committing suicide, nobody would buy their album if they are just going to play it for free. I really don't know and don't care. Listen if you dare! There whole album definitely has an 80's sort of throw back feeling... and I'm ok with that.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wow, I Did Not Know That...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Patio Set

We are also considering purchasing a newer updated patio set. Why? Our current one only has seating for four, and we count up to five. Plus the set we have is looking a bit dated/worn out. If we have anyone over for dinner, we are regulated to the dining room. But alas, our current screened in back porch only fits a square or circle setup, not a rectangle or oval. So we got to thinking.

You know those canopy/gazebo type things they sell pretty much every where? Well, maybe we could make this work with a gazebo type thing. What we really want is a larger patio, but finances just aren't there, and I'm afraid by the time the finances are there, we may end up moving... basically making our outdoor dream into someone else's dream.

And if we get a gazebo/canopy and some bigger patio furniture, that opens up the screened in porch for a setup for something more... I mean there won't be a table/chairs there anymore which means we could put some wicker sofa/chair setup... make it like an outdoor living room. But the drawback is, are you going to come out of pocket with this project. We figure $500-800 for new furniture, about $300 for a gazebo, about $200-300 to make a modified patio, and we have not even priced the new outdoor living room.

But I see the possibility of this morphing into a big thing, however, and this is by no means set in stone, heck we don't even know if we will go through with it yet... But we got our income tax return burning a hole in our pocket, and what else could we spend it on?

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Trip to Atlanta

So I am here in Atlanta. And I have to say, we paid a pretty penny to stay where we are, but I have no regrets thus far. I’m right across the street from Olympic Park. I could ask for better weather but what are you gonna’ do? Day one consisted of driving from Bluffton to Atlanta and going to Fernbanks Museum. So far so good.

The next day would be a whirlwind. We got up earlier than we needed to so we were about an hour earlier to Zoo Atlanta than it opened, Since it had a park right next to it, we walked around, and came across a crayfish (crawfish if you happen to be from Louisiana). We thanked him for the entertainment and put him back in the water (I hope that is where he wanted to go). When the zoo opened, we saw gorillas, panda bears, lion(s), tigers, and bears (oh my) as well as a variety of other stuff birds, reptiles, and smaller mammals.

It was fun and we did not get rained on, but the sky was dark and dreary, and it looked like the bottom could fall out at any minute. We had lunch at the Varsity. I wanted to show my kids how big the place is, and they were amazed.

Next we went to the aquarium and I must say I was impressed with the size and scope of it all. It is one big aquarium, but not better than seeing the one in Charleston or New Orleans. But it is big. And the lines to get in this place were equally staggering. We got to skip this because we got the CityPass, I would say it was worth it just by getting to jump the line alone.

It was still raining and rather cold outside. We decided to pack up our Atlanta vacation a day early. But we still had a CNN tour and a World of Coke on our itinerary. The CNN tour was a nice learning experience (and a really long escalator) but I don’t think I would buy it by itself. The World of Coke was equally nice, they had many drinks and a bunch of nostalgia but really pay $15 for the thing? I think not.

The whole vacation was a great idea, that is until the weather turned yucky which it turned before we even left. And it wasn’t just bad in Atlanta, everywhere in the south had it pretty much the same, cold and wet… so not the spring break we had envisioned. Still it was good, we saw the zoo and aquarium and Fernbanks and CNN and World of Coke. We stayed at the Omni which is right there next to CNN, and they had a huge food court (it was ok, not real good or bad… just ok), which was where we ate every meal minus the Varsity trip. It was great fun and very educational, really a something for everyone kind of trip. I'm glad we went and maybe (just maybe) we will go again, sooner rather than later...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Duck Face

Yeah I know it sounds kinda weird, especially considering what I posted yesterday, but we can't simply stop life because one of us gets sick or even dies. I don't want to sound flippant either. But this is what my mom would want, that is to laugh. The littlest has been giving these duck faces lately. No rhyme or reason, just does it... a lot. So I took her picture and shared with the group. Yep, that's my girl.

I'm sure we can look back over the years and see that this face, which is a face made by lots of women (and men) and we can wonder why, but we will likely never know...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

And Then...

Yeah so I got some bad news while on vacation. It is definitely a "game changer" as it were. My mom called and told me that she has breast cancer. I have been processing that for a few days. There is so much running through my head, I don't know how to say it all. I went through a similar experience 7 years ago, when my father told me he had throat cancer.

I'm not sure how my mother will opt to treat this. If she will go the full mastectomy, the partial lumpectomy, or some other thing. With my father, they originally wanted to remove his entire lower jaw. He did no opt for that and if you have seen Roger Egbert lately, I can totally understand.

There are worries that arise, like "What do I do if one of my daughters/sisters get this too?" Yep, it is stupid to worry, because worrying can't help anything, but I worry anyway. My mom is young, at least I think so, 60 isn't so old anymore.

I don't know what I will do from this point forward, but I am reminded by my father's words way back when he thought his cancer would kill him... "Nobody gets out of life alive, there ain't a big shiny trophy when you get to the end either. All you can do is love those close to you and appreciate the person for whatever time you have. There is nothing else."

I'm not ready for my mother to leave me yet. I'm just not. But I am powerless in that regard. So it is a waiting and hoping and worrying game until I find out anything more...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Classic Film Friday: Miranda

This movie, for its time, was groundbreaking in that the mermaid really looked the part. Dr. Paul Martin (Griffith Jones) goes on a fishing trip without his wife Clare (Googie Withers). While on the boat, he gets pulled under by a mermaid, Miranda (Glynis Johns). She takes him to an underwater cave where she plans to keep him. He is only let go when he promises to take her into London. Miranda plays an invalid in a wheelchair (you have to hide the fish tail after all) and the comedy ensues from that point on.

Mainly, Miranda, not being a human and not completely understanding human nature, gets all of the other women jealous because of her voice and maybe because she is an invalid. Men are forced to carry her and this gets them up close to Miranda. My wife comes in at this point and asks, "What is she? A floozy?" Kinda' sorta'. Especially when you see the last scene... she is holding a mer-baby. I had no idea that things would suddenly turn all Maury Povich way back in 1948, but it just goes to show you...