Friday, April 30, 2010

Classic Film Friday: E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

You know it has been 20+ years since I seen this one. It is the story of Elliot and his discovery of an alien. It is so 80's, but it seems to have worn the journey well. I mean you can watch this movie with your kids today and it still seems relevant.

Elliot (Henry Thomas) is a boy, coming from a broken home and he has his older brother, Michael (Robert MacNaughton)and little sister Gertie (Drew Barrymore) and he doesn't really fit in with anyone. Then enter "E.T." the extra terrestrial. He (I think it is a he, we don't know for sure) is visiting our planet picking up some plant samples... then some government officials appear and try to catch E.T. as he watches his spaceship and all his little E.T. buddies leave him behind.

E.T. and Elliot meet, and scare the crap out of each other, but there is a bond already and E.T. winds up in Elliot's house. The kids all know, but the adults, i.e. mom does not, and thus begins the game of "keep E.T. away from mom." E.T. learns some very basic English and tells Elliot "E.T. phone home". So E.T. has very limited 1980's electronics to work with, but he does make it work, and a signal is sent but it may be too late. As E.T. has been doing wondrous things, telekinesis, a psychic link with Elliot, bringing a plant back to life. Basically it wore E.T. down. Michael finds E.T. near death near a culvert and Elliot suffers as well, because they are linked.

Federal agents finally catch up to E.T. and quarantine the house, but it is too little too late. E.T. "dies" and they are left with pretty much nothing. We know that E.T. isn't dead, though enough tears have been shed, but anyway. It is a kid revolt as the kids enlist every kid around to meet up and get E.T. home. Ah yes, the bike scene. I know I'm talking like everybody has already seen this movie and I hope you have, if not you should right away.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nirvana: Live at Reading

Ok this is the band that defined the whole "alternative" music scene, or at least the band that made it ok for others to join in the party. Other bands like Pearl Jam or Red Hot Chili Peppers or The Smashing Pumpkins may have helped, but this is THE band I recall. And the flame burned so bright, it went supernova, and Kurt Cobain killed himself. Heroin does that... or so I hear.

I don't really know of somebody dieing by suicide that was so on top of the world. I know others have died like Micheal Jackson, or countless other drug overdoses, and maybe that has made the mystique of Nirvana all the more, but I think they could have easily doubled the number of records. Alas it was not to be.

So this album encompasses all that Nirvana is and was... live. Which if I remember they had a live performance on Saturday Night Live... and they sucked, but this is not even remotely close to that. Or maybe I have my hindsight out of adjustment, still the album is good nah, great. This is a must have for anyone who likes Nirvana.

There is also a DVD by the same name, I didn't opt for that, as I prefer to just listen, but I'd bet it is pretty nice.

Here's another one on the album, but not live...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Stoner Fish

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Snake... a Snake!

Alrighty, I'll just say it how I think it happened. Basically there was a snake reported in the parking lot. No big deal right? I gathered from the girl that reported seeing the snake, that it was a Black Racer. Ok I know those snakes are non-venomous so I figure I'll go catch the snake, tell everyone they have nothing to worry about, let them pet the snake and let the snake go on its way.

Well when I catch up to him/her it kind of gathers in a ball and starts shaking its tail like a rattlesnake. I know this is just a bluff and I tell everybody there that it is a bluff. So I bend down and attempt to grab the snake... the snake lunges at me, and I start to have second thoughts about the whole thing. I mean this is a black racer right? I keep telling myself this over and over as I try to muster my confidence back up again.

So I get a mop handle and the snake lunges at me again and again. Now I really do wonder if I got some other kind of snake. He/she/it is not only lunging at me, it is raising it self up and "jumping" at me. And now I am completely in defense mode, backing away, and making the girl who reported the snake rightfully scared. Hell at this point I can't say a blame her.

I back up enough, that the snake no longer feels threatened and he goes his way and I go mine. I take a mental picture and immediately go to the website and see that yes it was a black racer, and they don't much take very kindly to being picked up or handled. I thought they would be just like a garter snake. But in fact I was quite wrong about that.

So a Black Racer, might be ok to look at but otherwise not good to play with, or anything else. I learned my lesson. And everyone who is scared of snakes... well this wasn't the snake to warm them up with... lesson learned.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Captain Woody's... Not so Good

We went to Captain Woody's the other day. We wanted some seafood, and we were unwilling to drive very far, so we thought we would give Captain Woody's a try. Well I stand by my assessment that if you really want good seafood, you either have to make it yourself or pay exorbitant prices. And to be fair, we are all suffering some sort of allergy cold or something... and it is prime season for sand gnats. But still, I paid $18 for 6 shrimp, a handful of oysters, 2 hush puppies, and fries. I could have gone to Long John Silver's and got the same thing for $5. Or got a pound a shrimp and a container of oysters (Bluffton Oysters at that) and cooked it up myself.

The thing was I wanted to go out to eat, I didn't want to deal with clean up and dinner prep. I just wanted to eat, have a beer, sit back and relax. And I really couldn't do that, because the seating was pretty much all outside, and it is prime season for sand gnats. And they were chomping on all of us. Well I don't think anyone wants to pay $70 (3 adults and 1 child) to get chomped on. Just sayin... They say you can get just a sandwich and that it is much better, like cheaper, so i guess I found yet another place to not go. They never really said anything to lead me on, they got good sandwiches (so I hear), but I can find a dozen or more sandwich places in town.

I don't want to give the place a bad review, because it is downtown and I like the layout, but it just has to much going against it. Oh well.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Fishing Report

So I got me some cane poles (at the evil Wal-Mart) and decided to see what I could catch in my backyard. I start off with a good sized brim. Honestly if I had 3-5 more, I would consider a fish fry. But for reasons that will present themselves later, I didn't catch but the one. But that is not the end of the fishing experience. Later I caught two catfish... and if I would have caught 3-5 more, I would also consider another fish fry.

But more than anything I caught turtles. I was in no way trying to catch them, in fact they are incredibly stupid. I'm almost certain that I caught one turtle twice. And it wasn't like I was out to get the turtles. They basically came up when they saw me coming. I try to shoo them away, to no avail, something else needs to happen. I caught 6 turtles and I nearly caught 6 more. On a cane pole, A $5, from Wal-Mart, cane pole.

A friend of mine that has grown up around here (now in his 60's) says alligators love to eat some turtles. That doesn't make me feel very good. That basically I have a alligator buffet in my backyard. Now I don't want to kill all the turtles but I am worried, and they make it impossible to actually fish. Relocation might be an option, but where do I relocate them too?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crabfest A No-Go

For the last five years I have always gone to the Soft Shell Crab Fest in Port Royal. I had every intention to go this year. Until rain got in the way. I was bummed. I love me some soft shelled crab. So what to do?

I call the Bluffton Oyster Company and order up some soft shelled crab and shrimp and oysters too... plus some cod for my wife (she doesn't eat shell fish, even though I've tried to convince her otherwise). I fry it up and, for about the same price I get to add oysters and shrimp and some fish into the mix. Sometimes you can't bring the man to the mountain, so you're forced to bring the mountain to the man... or in my case, the festival indoors, to my house.

Change That Back Again

So I had to do a quick about face on the central AC thing. You see, it was nice, but it was making everyone sick. I think the pollen and everything was just too much. Everybody was snotting and coughing and had watery eyes. I had enough. I closed all the windows, and put the air conditioning back on.

We are slowly on the mend now. Who is to say, maybe in time we would have started feeling better anyway. It was a decision we had to make, and really no electric bill is going to make up for doctor visits, so we had to change back. The weather is still phenomenal, it doesn't seem like the AC kicks on that much anyway, but we can all breath easier. At least it feels like we can.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Classic Film Friday: Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

I figured with all of the summertime type weather, I should look for a movie that has that vacation feel. I know the Vacation movies come to mind, but I was looking for something else.

Enter Jimmy Stewart, Maureen O'Hara, and even Fabian to this 1962 classic of how everything can go wrong... and right when you have family involved with anything. It starts with the beach house, they think they are going to rest and relax in a nice beach side home, what they find is something much more Adams Family instead.

Now Roger Hobbs (Jimmy Stewart) never wanted to go to this house in the first place. He was thinking of a romantic getaway with his wife Peggy (Maureen O'Hara). But his wife wants to gather up all the kids (young and old) and meet up at the beach instead. Well from that point on it is nothing but trouble for poor Mr. Hobbs.

His youngest daughter Katie is embarrassed about having braces so she won't leave the house, his only son just wants to watch TV, his grown up daughters are having marital problems and he is confounded by the house's water pump. Will they make any head way at all during this trip? And what about his wife? Is there enough time for the Hobbs to be husband and wife? You'll have to watch to see for your self.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dead Weather: Horehound

In it's premiere album, Dead Weather screams its way onto the scene. (It is actually a year old, a second album is being worked on now set to release in May) So this is yet another Jack White offshoot of sorts.

White is a member of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. Though each band has different members (other than White) there are subtle differences. I like them all. I almost think of them as the same, or not, it is kind of hard to think that any of his other bands is as good as The White Stripes.

Not that any of that matters, here is "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is it Real or it is Art?

I'm referring to this post An almost mirror image if you ask me...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey! Octopus!

I think this is one of those crazy things that just happened to be filmed. Of course, it is the camera that the creature took, but still...

My Brush With Golf's Elite

Ok so it really isn't a "brush" it is more like something me and my brother made up... we were little, and I was very gullible. The man was Tom Watson the time was 1981 or 1982, and Tom was having some success. That would make me 6 or 7 years old and my brother is 5 years older than me.

Anyway we'd stay up late in the summer, because there was nothing much to do. And we watched golf on ESPN. And all of this means what? Well I developed a following of Tom Watson, and I'd get excited when he would do well. We would practice our golf swing and putting stance... all for nothing I'm fairly sure my brother doesn't golf, and the few times I have been don't really count for much. My golf is limited to "Putt-Putt" and a few times I murdered the golf course for some charity events. I also used to knock a few at the driving range when I was in the army.

So anyway it looks like Tom is doing well again, nope he choked. And I might would have cheered him on, maybe. That is if golf didn't make me take a nap. Ah well maybe next time Tom, maybe next time.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day

There is this campaign that ties into Earth Day. It is driving me nuts. I know I should be a tad bit more compassionate. But I'm not. It goes on to ask various people what are they doing to conserve? And the answers really weren't very good at all. They were the answers that we are being trained to give. If you've seen this commercial, it even has 'Purple Haze' blaring in the background (I looked for the actual commercial, but I could not find it)

I did find this, and I know it might not make me any friends, but it is out there.

Go here if you can't see it...

I know you shouldn't believe much of anything these days. But you have to listen to something. I know that the show, "Bullshit!" more than likely picked the most obtuse of the bunch just to make fun of them. I'm ok with that. But seriously here is another one from the same Penn & Teller. I swear you'd think they were on an oil company's payroll.

So what to do? I just can't get all wrapped up in the recycling, being green hullabaloo. Sorry I just can't. And I say this know I'm going to disappoint my wife because she wants to be "greener". I think that if you can recycle, then you should, but if you don't that is ok too. I just don't see where it is all that "smart" to recycle, back when you paid a deposit on bottles or aluminum cans sure, but everything else? I won't feel guilty about something just because everyone else does. I just won't.

A fellow Blog Jam member, The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian wrote about going car-less for a year. But they had public transportation to fall back on. I would love to do that, but I'd have to live in a big city and not have kids. Still if you want to read about it check it out here.

I guess being "green" is really about personal choices you make, and how that makes you feel. Feelings, that is it. it is hard to quantify feelings. I think people like The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian, are doing good things, but not just for everyone else, mostly for them. Sort of like the attic fan was for me. It was nice, but in the end does it really matter? I think not. Do what you think is right and to hell with what everyone else thinks/says. Also you can't live everyone else's life for them. Something to remember as well.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Do I Pick Quality or Control?

So I went to a Diabetes Education thing the other day. One thing is clear, I used to be a stroke victim who happened to have diabetes, but more and more I'm really someone who is diabetic and just happens to have had a stroke. The difference is take the emphasis off of the stroke, and fixate it on the diabetes, because that is the real problem.

It is something that hounds me relentlessly. I need constant control. But I don't know if I'm ready to go full bore into it yet... What I mean is, get an insulin pump. A pump will give me better control, but cost a lot and you are kind of married to it. Right now I'm married to my "bag" (insulin, glucometer, needles) but if I want to go swimming all day, of spend a day at the beach, I can. And I could take the insulin pump to the beach, but I'd have to take it off to go swimming... and I don't know if the catheter and tubing is exactly high fashion.

But how many times do I go to the beach? Well not so much, maybe a dozen or so times. But I'd be willing to bet I would go less, if I had the pump. I eat less because if I'm going to eat, that means stopping, getting out my bag, drawing up some insulin, perhaps taking my blood sugar, all for what? Some Frito's or a doughnut? I just skip it instead... most times. I wouldn't have to do that with a pump so much. Why am I not lighter? I have no idea.

So I'm still struggling with this, quality of life issue. And I can't just try it, because it costs thousands of dollars. I'd have better control, but my quality of life might not be as good, whereas now my quality of life is pretty good, but my control not so much. Decisions decisions.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy 1000th

And so... It has arrived. the 1000th post! Wow what can I say? I mean, dang, I don't ever remember doing anything 1000 times, at least not that I counted. I guess I went to the bathroom that many time (probably more) but there was no marking of the 1000th dump, so there was no fanfare for it. If there was... well never mind.

My numbers have steadily gotten bigger. Is there the readership of say a local newspaper... no there isn't, but that's ok. This is my outlet, and I thank you, whether it is 500 people or 1, or none, it has done so much for me. I mean, I might forget twice as much ever happened to me, instead I can go through and see that on Thursday, October 22, 2009... My daughter was born. Yeah, I should remember that, but you know or you should know what I mean.

In the meantime, I'll continue to have funny, weird, or otherwise stories about whatever I'll have a comic, or movie or music in there too... that is if you keep reading. That is all I ask from anyone, if I write then you read and if you write than I read. I'd love to have me some blogs to read. Anyone want to recommend one?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Classic Film Friday: Revenge of the Nerds

So we were sitting around one evening... and this kid across the street starts talking, and I swear to God, he sounds just like Lewis (Robert Carradine). And thus we started talking about Revenge of the Nerds. Which led me to review this movie.

Lewis and Gilbert (Anthony Edwards) are nerds, like in the worst way. And they are starting off in college together. Just one problem, the jocks from Alpha Beta hate nerds and coincidentally just burned their frat house down. Coach (John Goodman) intimidates the dean into letting the Alpha Betas take over living in the freshman dorm thereby kicking all of the "nerds" out.

This leaves the nerds in the gym. So Lewis and Gilbert find a house and a fraternity that will take them. The only one is Lambda Lambda Lambda, an all black fraternity, and it just adds to the comedy as I can't think of anything that goes together worse than black people and nerds.

So it starts, the wars that is nerds vs jocks and you know with the title of the movie who wins, but it is still fun, and yes there is some scenes that I might prefer my 14 year old not see, but it is rated R so I guess it is what it is.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Get On Up...

I think this song:

Should be on everyone's "wake up" list. I don't know why, but "get on up" is the perfect thing to wake up to. And for some reason this makes me want to put on my robe, and look like a sex machine. lol

Anyhow, today is tax day, something that Mr. Brown wasn't all that good at, so make sure you are better than him.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

''Ummm, What Is It?

Ok this isn't your every day "daily affirmation" this is from my 4-year-old, and it is a cow. I know we seem to be delving into the abstract, but for a 4-year-old, it isn't that bad. But what is that next to the "cow"? That my friend is why this picture is so funny.

She put it there, I think it shows realism, that and both me and my daughter think "poop" is funny. I mean have you noticed it is right there in the title of this Blog... at least in the sense that is funny. So laugh already!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Do You Know Where Your Kid Is???

So what will stop your heart even faster than a defibrillator? When you can't find your child, and you know you last saw her outside... and there is an alligator just spotted in the lake behind you house... and that is where you find her. Lucky for us the alligator was a few houses down.

The songbird wanted to see a turtle that has come every time we have bread. So in her mind it was all innocent. But we reiterated that when it comes to alligators, she is to stay right where we can see her.

What makes it even worse (to us) was the fact that you go down about 4-5 feet to get to the lake, so even though she could hear us, we could not see her. So scary, all is well now, but it seemed so close. Even though Mr. Alligator was lazily sunning himself, not worried about us at all, it still gives us the heeby jeebies.

When I was a kid my brother and I used to go into the woods and carry all kinds of frogs, turtles, and snakes out of the woods. Never did we have to worry about alligators. If by chance we did see one, it was a very brief encounter, because they were very scared of us. That fear is not in these particular animals, and that is begging for a dog or a kid or even a full grown adult to come head to head with a bunch of teeth.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Who Doesn't Like the Beach?

With all this warm weather... finally, I went to the beach with my wife and kids. Well there is some good things and bad things about going to the beach. Traffic, parking, and carrying the ass-load of stuff with you is the bad, the sand between your toes, the warmth, and the general excited-ness of little kids getting to go to the beach are good.

It is hard to bring a baby with you to the beach. Not impossible, but the work that goes into it, well it makes me wonder. Heck the baby, my baby, is a good kid, no whining, no belly aching, she pretty much just goes along, not saying anything.

So you pack up beach chairs, umbrella, towels, beach toys (for the 4-year-old), and other incidentals (sun screen, bottles, change of clothes) and when you get to the beach (I have not mentioned ice chest or some sort of carry-all) you find that you can't really do anything, because you have to hold the baby. Have you ever tried to get the sand off of a baby?

So maybe not the beach this year, though I want to.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Strawberries

We went out to Bloomingdale for the Strawberry festival. This particular festival was heavily advertised (commercials on TV) but I have to give them credit, parking was free, and relatively easy to come by. The bad part was you had to pay ($5 for adults, kids under 6 free) to get in, and they had this weird ticket thing, money for anything that wasn't a part of the farm, but for anything that was, you had to have tickets. Strawberry picking was the real reason to go, and honestly you could probably go any weekend.

But we went this weekend. They had lots of "carny food", some farm animals, even had some jumpy houses. But seriously, go for the strawberries. The other stuff was ok, but once I tasted a strawberry, well that was it for me. Not the hayride, or the "pig races", or the bands, or anything else but the strawberries. The weird thing is, none of my children will eat them. But I damn sure will!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nice Weather Huh?

This spring, my wife and I have decided to cut back on our electricity a bit. Now I don't think we will be suffering when it is 95 degrees outside, at least I don't think so. But while the weather is nice we have opened windows and turned on fans, and left the AC off. It has been pretty good thus far. Now we have had phenomenal weather, and that is what makes all the difference.

When I was little we lived in a very tiny house (800 sq ft) and it had an attic fan. I now live in a house that could fit two of those old houses in it and then some. But I miss the attic fan. It was in the main hallway and when you pulled the string/cord to turn it on, the flaps would strain against you, and you could see the blades and pulley and fan belt start to turn. It looked like you were starting a lawn mower or something, but that was likely the age of me thinking that... not the actual way it was.

I do remember that if you didn't open a window or door you could make your house implode if you turn on the attic fan. That was likely an old wives' tale, but it just added to the mysticism of using the thing. It was really loud too. Again, I can't explain why, because a central AC is by far better, but sterile. You don't have to pull the cord hard, you don't have to make sure the windows are open, it isn't loud.

Maybe it is nicer to just remember, than to actually relive. I don't think my current house would work with an attic fan anyway. Hell, they (Centex) told us to always leave the AC on all the time. And I agree, unless we are never going to turn the unit on. Now they said mildew and mold could propagate, but there is always mold and mildew, regardless of whether or not the AC is on. So I will take advantage of this nice weather, turn the AC off, and enjoy the coolish nights with the windows open... while they last. I know eventually we will have to crank up the AC but until then...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Classic Film Friday: Alice in Wonderland

I admit, I am a sucker for Disney movies. And this just came out on DVD, so suckered twice over. In this movie, well it is so hard to explain because either Alice is on some really tripping balls on drugs or she is having a whopper of a dream. I mean the whole thing is miraculous in that the original book was written in 1865.

This version from 1951 and it is Disney. But it's funny now because the film when it came out in 1951 bombed. I guess I see why, it is complete nonsense. (that is one of the reasons I write as the Mad Hatter, because it is not supposed to make sense) Anyway follow Alice as she muddles through (at her own fault) the backwards, upside down topsy turvey world of Wonderland.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

No Life Guard, Swim at Your Own Risk

So another BT regular got let go, fired, laid off, whatever... I believe that only leaves Miss Sara Wright as the person who was there when they first started. I'd be a bit nervous, but I really don't care. It looks like Erin McGuire has been there equally as long. But never the less the list has much more "used to be's" than "still there's". What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall over there.

Well actually, I take that back. I reaffirm that I don't care. I mean it is good to know, in a quasi-just to pass the time kind of way, but that is where it ends. That "newspaper" is only good for wiping one's back side. And I don't really know if that is a good use anyway.

I think this is just more of the same. I liked this one though, so it hurt a little, but I think the writing was on the wall for some time now. I could always hope that those people the the BT Blogs would come over here (blogger) and blog it out, but I know that isn't very likely at all. But I will be watching all the same. Now I don't know if this is citizen journalism, but it sure beats what they are pushing.

Queen - Another One Bites the Dust
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Jimi Hendrix "Valleys of Neptune"

So this guy has been dead for nearly 40 years... what gives? His record label is just now releasing. It is good, but it really isn't anything "new". But it does introduce more people to his music. I don't know about the whole "selling something after the man is dead" thing but the music is good. In fact it is better than 90% of the music that is out there right now. So is that saying something about how good he was or how low we have sunk? I'm not sure.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go Ahead... Open the Door

Or look here:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


You know where I come from, and every time someone mentions jambalaya, this goes off inside my head:

It is a Hank Williams Sr. song. My wife thinks I'm straight up hillbilly if I like this song. I disagree, but I see her point. But I can't stop the song from popping into my head and I wouldn't want to anyway.

We're having jambalaya. The song is included, at no charge.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Top Ten

As I near the 1000 mark, I though I would list the top ten things/posts I have made. This is completely subjective, so take it with a grain or two of salt.

I realize that I am for a universal health care (not the one debated now) just in general.

I opine about saying goodbye.

I recommend that every adult join me in the bonds of slavery that is being a parent. This was also my last post as a whole person. The last one before my stroke happened.

I decide to grade area newspapers... the grades ain't looking so good.

For some reason this is the top vote getter... I really don't understand why, but anyway. Operation Repo

I got ripped off during voting.

And the winner is... Or my attempt at humor.

I find pluff mud really is as bad as they say.

I find it pretty easy to crash... thankfully I also find it equally easy to beg forgiveness.

My 300 pound naked crazy woman story... Yeah I had to share.

So there you go, the top ten posts... now there was no actual scientific anything, just ones that stood out in my mind.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I'm not all that big on religion, but still in all, on the most religious day of the christian world, I recognize what it means. So with that said, happy Easter, go to church if you like, hide some eggs, overeat on some chocolate, and later get down on some good ham. That is what I'm doing... minus the church thing. We will probably watch some Jesus on TV. Anyway celebrate with abandon.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

You Don't Call, You Don't Write, You Don't Nuthin'

Ok as you may or may not know, I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers. That is a pretty big family, they are all half-brothers and sisters, but still. I always get a pang of regret or disappointment when I think about them, because for the most part, none of them talk to me. Why you might ask? Well I really can't say for sure. Some may not like me, or anyone else.

My family is kind of funny like that. Maybe everyone's is the same way. My wife has just one brother, and he calls her or she calls him maybe once or twice a month. I get nothing. You'd think the law of averages would kick in and I'd at least be contacted by one maybe two siblings. Not so much.

But then I start thinking, would I want to put aside that much time to talk to my siblings? I have almost nothing in common with any of them. Either I have the same father but not the same mother or the same mother but not the same father. Where as, they all have full brothers or sisters they can talk to. But I might be putting to much in that. From talks with both parents, they don't much communicate with each other either.

Life gets in the way. I remember growing up that we were always going over to family's houses on my dad's side of the family. Every big holiday, or just a regular weekend, we would have something to do with cousins, and whatnot. Now, not really. Meanwhile on my mother's side they didn't much want to do anything when I was little, but since I'm all grown up, they appear to be like my dad's side of the family was... so many moons ago.

I really can't say why I am not included, other than living so far away. But, still somebody should/could call. Of course I have no idea what we would talk about. I mean what is to say? I might as well talk to a complete stranger. I went into the Army before my 18th birthday... and never really looked back since. I wish it was different, but everybody has to play the hand they're given. From here, I need to stress the importance of being a family to my kids, and hope that they don't make the mistakes of my siblings.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Another Non-Classical Friday: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter

This is one of those movies that is so bad... it's good. Basically vampires have been killing off lesbians in Ottawa, Canada. Jesus Christ is on the scene to help. Yeah, calling this a "B" movie may be giving it a little too much credit. It is sort of like a very bad Kung Fu movie meets a really bad Vampire movie and they throw in a dash of homosexuality and a bit of religion too.

Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well it pretty much is, here is the fight sequence from when Jesus meets the Atheists.

So will Jesus kill off all the vampires so the lesbian crowd can go back to normal? It is Jesus, so what do you think? If you like movies a little off kilter, and you aren't going to be upset about sacrilege, and you're ok with vampires walking in the daylight, then this movie is definitely for you. And just in time for Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

RBN, What I've Done

Alright, I dove into Rock Band's network. It seems to be growing everyday. What did I find? Well...

"Rockaway Beach", 1977, The Ramones, Classic

"On a Plain", 1991, Nirvana, Just listening to this reminds me of high school

As does "Roam" 1990, The B-52's

"Don't Stop Believin'", Journey, 1981 How can you not like this song?