Friday, April 16, 2010

Classic Film Friday: Revenge of the Nerds

So we were sitting around one evening... and this kid across the street starts talking, and I swear to God, he sounds just like Lewis (Robert Carradine). And thus we started talking about Revenge of the Nerds. Which led me to review this movie.

Lewis and Gilbert (Anthony Edwards) are nerds, like in the worst way. And they are starting off in college together. Just one problem, the jocks from Alpha Beta hate nerds and coincidentally just burned their frat house down. Coach (John Goodman) intimidates the dean into letting the Alpha Betas take over living in the freshman dorm thereby kicking all of the "nerds" out.

This leaves the nerds in the gym. So Lewis and Gilbert find a house and a fraternity that will take them. The only one is Lambda Lambda Lambda, an all black fraternity, and it just adds to the comedy as I can't think of anything that goes together worse than black people and nerds.

So it starts, the wars that is nerds vs jocks and you know with the title of the movie who wins, but it is still fun, and yes there is some scenes that I might prefer my 14 year old not see, but it is rated R so I guess it is what it is.

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Bob G. said...

Good choice...and even the sequel(s) were worth a watch, too.

Nice to know the SMART guys win out, too.
(and not the smart

Have a great weekend.