Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nice Weather Huh?

This spring, my wife and I have decided to cut back on our electricity a bit. Now I don't think we will be suffering when it is 95 degrees outside, at least I don't think so. But while the weather is nice we have opened windows and turned on fans, and left the AC off. It has been pretty good thus far. Now we have had phenomenal weather, and that is what makes all the difference.

When I was little we lived in a very tiny house (800 sq ft) and it had an attic fan. I now live in a house that could fit two of those old houses in it and then some. But I miss the attic fan. It was in the main hallway and when you pulled the string/cord to turn it on, the flaps would strain against you, and you could see the blades and pulley and fan belt start to turn. It looked like you were starting a lawn mower or something, but that was likely the age of me thinking that... not the actual way it was.

I do remember that if you didn't open a window or door you could make your house implode if you turn on the attic fan. That was likely an old wives' tale, but it just added to the mysticism of using the thing. It was really loud too. Again, I can't explain why, because a central AC is by far better, but sterile. You don't have to pull the cord hard, you don't have to make sure the windows are open, it isn't loud.

Maybe it is nicer to just remember, than to actually relive. I don't think my current house would work with an attic fan anyway. Hell, they (Centex) told us to always leave the AC on all the time. And I agree, unless we are never going to turn the unit on. Now they said mildew and mold could propagate, but there is always mold and mildew, regardless of whether or not the AC is on. So I will take advantage of this nice weather, turn the AC off, and enjoy the coolish nights with the windows open... while they last. I know eventually we will have to crank up the AC but until then...

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