Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day

There is this campaign that ties into Earth Day. It is driving me nuts. I know I should be a tad bit more compassionate. But I'm not. It goes on to ask various people what are they doing to conserve? And the answers really weren't very good at all. They were the answers that we are being trained to give. If you've seen this commercial, it even has 'Purple Haze' blaring in the background (I looked for the actual commercial, but I could not find it)

I did find this, and I know it might not make me any friends, but it is out there.

Go here if you can't see it...

I know you shouldn't believe much of anything these days. But you have to listen to something. I know that the show, "Bullshit!" more than likely picked the most obtuse of the bunch just to make fun of them. I'm ok with that. But seriously here is another one from the same Penn & Teller. I swear you'd think they were on an oil company's payroll.

So what to do? I just can't get all wrapped up in the recycling, being green hullabaloo. Sorry I just can't. And I say this know I'm going to disappoint my wife because she wants to be "greener". I think that if you can recycle, then you should, but if you don't that is ok too. I just don't see where it is all that "smart" to recycle, back when you paid a deposit on bottles or aluminum cans sure, but everything else? I won't feel guilty about something just because everyone else does. I just won't.

A fellow Blog Jam member, The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian wrote about going car-less for a year. But they had public transportation to fall back on. I would love to do that, but I'd have to live in a big city and not have kids. Still if you want to read about it check it out here.

I guess being "green" is really about personal choices you make, and how that makes you feel. Feelings, that is it. it is hard to quantify feelings. I think people like The Cosmopolitan Charlestonian, are doing good things, but not just for everyone else, mostly for them. Sort of like the attic fan was for me. It was nice, but in the end does it really matter? I think not. Do what you think is right and to hell with what everyone else thinks/says. Also you can't live everyone else's life for them. Something to remember as well.

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