Monday, April 12, 2010

Who Doesn't Like the Beach?

With all this warm weather... finally, I went to the beach with my wife and kids. Well there is some good things and bad things about going to the beach. Traffic, parking, and carrying the ass-load of stuff with you is the bad, the sand between your toes, the warmth, and the general excited-ness of little kids getting to go to the beach are good.

It is hard to bring a baby with you to the beach. Not impossible, but the work that goes into it, well it makes me wonder. Heck the baby, my baby, is a good kid, no whining, no belly aching, she pretty much just goes along, not saying anything.

So you pack up beach chairs, umbrella, towels, beach toys (for the 4-year-old), and other incidentals (sun screen, bottles, change of clothes) and when you get to the beach (I have not mentioned ice chest or some sort of carry-all) you find that you can't really do anything, because you have to hold the baby. Have you ever tried to get the sand off of a baby?

So maybe not the beach this year, though I want to.

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