Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Fishing Report

So I got me some cane poles (at the evil Wal-Mart) and decided to see what I could catch in my backyard. I start off with a good sized brim. Honestly if I had 3-5 more, I would consider a fish fry. But for reasons that will present themselves later, I didn't catch but the one. But that is not the end of the fishing experience. Later I caught two catfish... and if I would have caught 3-5 more, I would also consider another fish fry.

But more than anything I caught turtles. I was in no way trying to catch them, in fact they are incredibly stupid. I'm almost certain that I caught one turtle twice. And it wasn't like I was out to get the turtles. They basically came up when they saw me coming. I try to shoo them away, to no avail, something else needs to happen. I caught 6 turtles and I nearly caught 6 more. On a cane pole, A $5, from Wal-Mart, cane pole.

A friend of mine that has grown up around here (now in his 60's) says alligators love to eat some turtles. That doesn't make me feel very good. That basically I have a alligator buffet in my backyard. Now I don't want to kill all the turtles but I am worried, and they make it impossible to actually fish. Relocation might be an option, but where do I relocate them too?

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