Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Strawberries

We went out to Bloomingdale for the Strawberry festival. This particular festival was heavily advertised (commercials on TV) but I have to give them credit, parking was free, and relatively easy to come by. The bad part was you had to pay ($5 for adults, kids under 6 free) to get in, and they had this weird ticket thing, money for anything that wasn't a part of the farm, but for anything that was, you had to have tickets. Strawberry picking was the real reason to go, and honestly you could probably go any weekend.

But we went this weekend. They had lots of "carny food", some farm animals, even had some jumpy houses. But seriously, go for the strawberries. The other stuff was ok, but once I tasted a strawberry, well that was it for me. Not the hayride, or the "pig races", or the bands, or anything else but the strawberries. The weird thing is, none of my children will eat them. But I damn sure will!

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