Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crabfest A No-Go

For the last five years I have always gone to the Soft Shell Crab Fest in Port Royal. I had every intention to go this year. Until rain got in the way. I was bummed. I love me some soft shelled crab. So what to do?

I call the Bluffton Oyster Company and order up some soft shelled crab and shrimp and oysters too... plus some cod for my wife (she doesn't eat shell fish, even though I've tried to convince her otherwise). I fry it up and, for about the same price I get to add oysters and shrimp and some fish into the mix. Sometimes you can't bring the man to the mountain, so you're forced to bring the mountain to the man... or in my case, the festival indoors, to my house.

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