Monday, April 26, 2010

Captain Woody's... Not so Good

We went to Captain Woody's the other day. We wanted some seafood, and we were unwilling to drive very far, so we thought we would give Captain Woody's a try. Well I stand by my assessment that if you really want good seafood, you either have to make it yourself or pay exorbitant prices. And to be fair, we are all suffering some sort of allergy cold or something... and it is prime season for sand gnats. But still, I paid $18 for 6 shrimp, a handful of oysters, 2 hush puppies, and fries. I could have gone to Long John Silver's and got the same thing for $5. Or got a pound a shrimp and a container of oysters (Bluffton Oysters at that) and cooked it up myself.

The thing was I wanted to go out to eat, I didn't want to deal with clean up and dinner prep. I just wanted to eat, have a beer, sit back and relax. And I really couldn't do that, because the seating was pretty much all outside, and it is prime season for sand gnats. And they were chomping on all of us. Well I don't think anyone wants to pay $70 (3 adults and 1 child) to get chomped on. Just sayin... They say you can get just a sandwich and that it is much better, like cheaper, so i guess I found yet another place to not go. They never really said anything to lead me on, they got good sandwiches (so I hear), but I can find a dozen or more sandwich places in town.

I don't want to give the place a bad review, because it is downtown and I like the layout, but it just has to much going against it. Oh well.

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