Thursday, March 12, 2009

This was One of 'Those' Weekends

The one where you understand the reason why you live here in the first place. Gorgeous weather, no bugs, a day that you have no problem staying outside all day. I took advantage of this great weather and re-did all mulch in the front and back yards. The wife pruned every bush we had, and when it was all done, we simply kicked back and laid on the hammock for hours.

It was beautiful.

So the sick kid didn't ruin everything after all. Then Sunday came around...

We decided to spend our day at Hunting Island State Park.

Which, if you haven't been, is highly effected by beach erosion.

Like really, really...


It is also home of the maritime forest. A mix of palm, pine, and oaks...

It's also home to a lighthouse

That you can climb up (for $2)

It is a long way up.... seriously.

But the view, is worth $2, I think


Southern Focus Designs said...

Awesome pictures! Hunting Island is beautiful!

You stole my assignment idea! LOL

Mad Hatter said...

Well, honestly, there is so much you could photograph there you could go nuts. Especially if you step off the beaten path...