Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lake Warren Trip

So where the hell is Lake Warren, and why did you go there? Well, I don't know why, but the state park is just south of Hampton. It really doesn't offer much, unless people scare you. Then this place is right up your alley. Plus, sometimes the journey is better than the destination. I took the long way home (instead of I-95) and went through Estill, and other smaller towns down Highway 321.

Here is a big pine... X2

This is the "coast" of Lake Warren... kind of mossy

I saw ferns too...

In various stages of growth.

If you go, this .3 mile trail is much more satisfying than the 1 mile trail to nowhere.

Trail... To Nowhere.

We saw this, I thought we were inside the park, but maybe not.

This is where Lake Warren ends.

A "sea of green"

This is in Estill, I guess it is grandfathered in that whole no tobacco ads?

Here is the water tower of Estill. Which was probably worth the whole trip.

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