Monday, November 3, 2008

What Do You Do?

I am, for the most part... normal. I realize that may strike some people as odd, but it's true. I was perusing YouTube when my daughter told me about Weezer's Pork and Beans. I've included here for your viewing pleasure.

So what I get from this is that in fact we all have some little quirks about us. Mine is the whole blogging bug I've got. Maybe. I used to be a R/C cars kind of guy. As in 2 or 3,ooo dollars worth of R/C cars kind of guy. There was a track up in Easley, SC. I rented a storage unit and had all my stuff there. It was only race quality stuff, which is expensive and only works on the race track.

So anyway, that's my pork and beans I guess. I still have all of that stuff, but nowhere and no time to deal with that, not to mention no money either. Now I search for a new pork and beans kinda thing, which is code for hobby. I think...


WileyCoyote said...

DH's hobbies were golf and RC cars too, but he became unable to do them. He used to race on HHI and then there was a place at a lake in Savannah.

My hobbies are becoming my future source of income! LOL Gardening and animal care. I also like to bake and quilt and have my ceramics shop in the basement. The latter was the basis of a business, until the IRS told me it was not a business but a hobby. Grin.

The problem with doing what I love is that it eventually takes up more time than a hobby, and I start to make money at it! LOL

Bob G. said...

I've been through more hobbies than I can shake several sticks at...and I'm STILL working on more.

Like Wiley, I got the gardening bug bite BAD (and dread winter up north here...nothing to do but count seeds)
I already care for the cats...a chore and a half some

I used to build models...LOTS of models, but between the eyes enjoying their "age" a little too much (bifocal hell) and the arthritis, not so much anymore.
Used to go bike riding, hiking, shooting, and even (in my way younger years - street hockey). It's the street hockey, and the (unseen) damage one does to one's body that catches up with you after a few decades, and scrubs the other hobbies.

Now, it's home maintenance (not on the roof), collectibles (still have my old comic collection), cooking (quite a good hobby as long as you don't screw stuff up...AND it's tasty).

Perhaps I should brush up on my floor shuffleboard skills, in case the retirement home needs a "ringer"?
'Ya never know.



WileyCoyote said...

Bob? BOB? You mean that you aren't looking up webpages to buy seed flats and grow lights, and prepping the compost pile still? LOL

Hubby loves woodworking and now has a chance to really USE those routers and drills and dremel tools and sanders I bought him. He has been making a bedframe the past two weeks, putting together an old iron headboard and footboard we found. The nice thing about wood is that you can do things large or small, and watch the Yankee Woodworker on TV and get pointers. Why I'll bet you still think a biscuit is something to eat! LOL