Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Happened

I’m going to tell everyone what happened to me but realize that my interpretation is not really concrete. Yesterday I got woken up by EMS, because apparently my wife couldn’t wake me up. Anyway I got woke up, and ate and drank my way into normalcy, because my blood sugar was low. I can’t understand how that happened, but there were two EMS guys there in front of me… so it must have happened.

If you have kept up this blog at all you know that in December I suffered a stroke and a day before the stroke was much like it was yesterday, EMS called because my blood sugar took a plunge. Was all of this happening to me again? One could only wonder and… wait. Of course there was the whole “don’t know your own wife thing” to deal with too. I was, for lack of better words, up the creek without a paddle. My wife was a trooper, and hung tough, but this thing bothers me.

I didn’t know who the woman I pledged to live my life with was. I just have to take that in for a moment. My wife doesn’t seem all that bothered by it, but I do. How can you improve something that you have no control over? When my wife woke me up this morning she asked me if I knew who she was. I answered “aren’t you that porn actress who’s good at blow jobs?” That didn’t go over at all. But even in the greatest of adversity we have to find humor, we simply must.

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pb said...

Ah, geez, MH. No advice. No wise words. Just, ah, geez, and of course I am thinking of you and you know what that means. Maybe I'll ask Il Papa to intercede too.