Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Baby... is Sick

The baby, is sick. You know it had to happen, I mean, look she goes to daycare, as does her sister, and her other sister is in school, so there are all kinds of bugs crawling all over. Plus her mom works at a school, and her dad makes a living off of sick people, it is simply unavoidable. But when it happens it breaks us all up inside.

To hear her cough, is simply heartbreaking. I know she'll get over it. Honestly, when little kids are sick, besides the extra snot, they pretty much stay the same. She still smiles at us, she exhibits the same basic needs/wants... with maybe a bit more rest than usual.

Still my wife needs comforting, because, well just because. I do too, but not as bad. But every now and then, when she is snotting/coughing up a lung... I worry. I think that is what parents do, they worry. Worry for nothing, but still worry.

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