Monday, February 23, 2009

Dad Only

So my wife has been away for three days, leaving me to do everything. Now you know she left things for me to do, and left us... prepared, but it is pretty big to leave a stroke having husband and 3-year-old that loves you to death behind, I'm sure she is all broke up about it. Crying right into her Apple-tini. Oh well, I think I can manage (by the time you read this I already would have) and our relationship is safe.

All I have to do is not kill anyone, or maim, or injure, or set fire to anyone or anything else.... I'm not the typical stupid male that's on TV, which is boring, but less expensive and time consuming though not very blog worthy...

I did kind of mess up... a little. I got my 3-year-old some bubble gum ice cream from Coneman's by the movie theater. The problem is it had real pieces of bubble gum in it. Which is really bad news for anyone with a 3-year-old. But just moments before she was crying, missing her mom and wondering why they didn't have a movie she could go see (it's a long story). But she did stop crying, which was the point right?

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