Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

So did you get you significant other something for Valentines Day? We will be at the Sandbox for my daughter's birthday. What better gift can two people in love give each other and a 3-year-old? Don't answer that, it was a rhetorical question...

We enjoyed a pedicure/manicure at one of the local spots. It wasn't as nice as the one I got earlier, but it'll do. We're not all that big on gifts anyway, or at least that's what she tells me, and because of the economy and my 3-year-old's birthday... well you know.

I did make her favorite meal, so I should get some credit for that, but honestly, it doesn't need to be Valentine's to do that. We always love each other, so Valentine's to us... is just another day.

My wife did get me this. Mmmm... Spicy!

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WileyCoyote said...

LOL cute!
We don't really do V-day - another hokey fill-in time to keep the card and candy companies going until Easter. He DID get me some Ghirardellis (caramel-filled) and made me breakfast, and I sent him a virtual Smilebox card. But otherwise, it's just another day on the farm! I prefer peace and quiet to anything else...