Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Forgotten

So it was cold this past weekend, and I had the kids by myself, so we pretty much stayed inside. I can't wait for warmer weather. We were scheduled to go back to the beach... but 50-60 degree days don't really appeal to me. Sunday it was windy too, so we didn't really go anywhere. But I do have something pretty to show you.

These are the flower pots that I normally have hanging in front of my house. They've been dead for months. Or at least I thought they were dead. Here you have something that has been completely neglected, and out of that comes the beauty. Now sure as far as looks go, I'd be better off with new plants. But something that went through all of those freezes and such... I just can't simply throw that away.

Maybe I'll make it into a house plant. Then again if I do that, it will probably die. So I'll ask anybody that reads this, and has a green thumb, what should I do? The forgotten don't have to stay that way...


Bob G. said...

By all means, keep 'em!

Nothing beats having some "freebies" come back for another season.

I had tomatoes that came back after a hard frost last year (in Indiana), and Im hoping for more of the same THIS season (I let the frostbitten tomatoes fall and return to mother earth).
Now, if I could only get my jalapenos to do likewise...LOL

And I love your line about the "forgotten"...
Well said.

Be well.

Aunt Bea said...

Keep em, fertilize them, cut off the dead dried-up stuff, and watch them go again! Some pansies are like that - fall and then spring again bloomers. Glad you didn't put them in the compost pile - altho then they'd probably be even bigger.

Gopher it!