Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Where am I Going?

Well I am going down south, to see my father, siblings, cousins and whatnot. I am also on a foodie mission. I will go get me some beignets, I will eat some Hubigs pies, I will go to Panchos and eat till I pop and raise the flag one more time. I most certainly will get me some crawfish, and I hope to have me a po boy or three.

I want to show my wife where I grew up, or what is left of it. I want to visit my grandmother's grave (on my mother's side). I want to "do the zoo" and the aquarium too. I would love to go back to Charlie's steak house and get a good steak, but it has new owners since Katrina, it may not be the same. I would love to find the "tamale man" on the corner and buy a few dozen hot tamales. I think my thoughts are bigger than my stomach, but still. Most of all I will sit and have a beer with my dad, shoot the shit, and remember all the good times we had. Before hurricanes and oil spills ruined what we had.

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Anonymous said...

What? No muffaletta?