Friday, June 11, 2010

Classic Film Friday: Gremlims

So this was a film from my youth. Kind of scary looking at it now. It definitely pushed the boarder on what is appropriate for kids PG and what might be a little more risque, but not deserving of the full fledged R rating. This is a story of a teenaged kid, who gets a Christmas present from his door to door salesman/inventor father that is a bit different than anything he has ever seen before.

He was given a mogwai with some rather interesting rules that go along with his (Gizmo) cuteness.

  1. Keep him away from bright light.
  2. Keep him away from water.
  3. No food after midnight. (although they never really say when they can eat)
Sometimes you have to give movies a little breathing room. Sure there are plot holes and some parts leave you wondering, let that go. Just let it go. So obviously the rules get broken and we have ourselves a problem. The cute little gizmo, is fine, but the spawn of gizmo... not so much. So watch what happens to the gremlins, see if they (the people) get out alive, and will anyone learn anything? Probably not, as there is a sequel, but watch all the same.

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Bob G. said...

This movie was a hoot when I first saw it (on cable ages ago).

With the improvements for CGI these days, I would NOT rule out some sort of sequel to the sequel...and in IMAX 3-D.
Think of the possibilities.

Have a great weekend.