Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Talk

No my youngest still has not spoken a word yet. She squeals loudly and grunts a lot. But me and the Songbird have been having a bit of fun with how you say "goodbye, or bye bye". It goes something like this:

In the morning on a weekday, most days my wife leaves first with the kids. I kiss my wife, who is holding the baby, I kiss the baby on the cheek and say "buh bye". Trying to elicit a response from her... all I get is a big ole smile and sometimes laughing. Then comes the Songbird who gives me a kiss and I say "buh bye"...

Songbird: -laughing- "Daddddd... I am not a baby"

Me: "But you are my baby silly"

Songbird: "Well, but I'm not a baby"

Me: "Buh Bye"

Songbird: -laughing even more- "Goodbye"

Me: "Buh Bye"

Songbird: "Bye" Still laughing

Me: "Buh Bye"

Songbird: Half way down the stairs... still laughing... "BYE!"

Me "Buh Bye"

Who knew saying goodbye could be so comical. Well for 2 out of 3 daughters anyway, and I bet if I told my teenager "Buh Bye" she'd probably laugh too.

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