Monday, June 28, 2010

Magazine Subscription

So I got the "warning" that my subscription to my magazine is about to expire. I think I started this subscription 5 years or so ago. It is to Esquire. I liked it because they actually printed the word "fuck". Yeah, it was a pretty lame excuse, but at the same time, I figured if they had the balls to do that, than I would likely find other things that I would like in the publication.

And I do, but don't. I subscribed through one of my daughter's fund raising whatevers for school. Or maybe it was a niece or nephew's school. Anyway, I want to like the magazine, but it has nothing for me. Other than using curse words now and again. It has a "style" component that I can not even fathom. Guys really spend thousands of dollars on clothes? Really? I just don't get that. I mean if I didn't have this mortgage, car payment, and a litany of other things (like groceries) to pay for then maybe...

And the magazine seems to have taken a bit of New York bent to it. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I'm in South Carolina... it just won't work here. I'm not trying to sound like a some kind of "south will rise again" type buffoon, but I wonder if there is a magazine for me, one that will have something about Nascar, something about politics but not overly so, music, some eye candy, and yes the occasional curse word when warranted. But I don't see it, at least from where I looked which really wasn't that much.

So is there a magazine that fits me? Or should I just keep my subscription to Esquire?

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