Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Oil Spill... (Part 2)

Well as predicted, it was worse and is worse than predicted. Well that is no surprise, what is disturbing is what ever seafood is harvested... even crawfish (a freshwater creature) is being questioned by the dumb people... and apparently there are lots of really dumb people around. I'm just saying... why would anybody buy tainted anything? I wonder how much seafood comes from China... Hmmm, think that is better? It may be cheaper.

Another frustration I have is the photographers. I know only the most dramatic photos make it to print, I get that, but surely if the photographer sees a animal drowning or flapping around covered in oil, maybe he/she ought to help. But then again, maybe it is all about a bunch of nothing. Or maybe it is a bit of grandstanding by a politician.

So what I think is being shaped by the medias of the world, which makes me wonder because now unless I actually go down there, I won't have an honest to goodness opinion of what is happening, I'll have an honest to goodness opinion on what the news is reporting, but that is about it...

Meanwhile I actually am scheduled to go to New Orleans in July, but I doubt I will be anywhere near the coast. I will eat crawfish, no matter what the dummies think.

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