Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Month of R

Yep, this month is the Month of R.... What? June has no "R" in it. Yes I know that. But it is "my month" as it were. Both of my parents and myself were born this month, my anniversary, Father's Day, and countless other relatives' birthdays are all contained within this very month. So my daughter, the teenager, has deemed this month to be the month of R (Me, my mom, and my dad all have "R" in our names).

So far, it has not been that festive, but it'll turn I think... I have no plans for my actual birthday, that needs to change, but I come from a line of thinking, that you don't really plan your own party, you can plan all you want for anyone else's but not your own.

So happy Month of R, as we do get down to celebrating I'll post what different things we have in store.

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