Thursday, June 24, 2010

T-Model Ford: The Ladies Man

T-Model a man that needs no introduction. Ok maybe he does. I have been doing new music, or what music I liked be it rock-n-roll, or folk or rap, or whatever, and I really never journeyed out much. I won't say this is much of a walk but Mr. T-Model sure seems like a trip.

I had to order this CD on Amazon... and this CD is more like a recording of a jam session than anything else. It is raw, real, and has some points with T-Model making some mistakes, and that is ok too. In some cases, maybe we all should take a lesson from that. Maybe things don't need to be so rehearsed. You can hear T-Model going on with others in the band talking about different things, I think this is a jewel, I hope you do too.

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