Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Budget Woes

So we have ourselves a problem. You see, while everyone else is cutting back, our school district is adding on. Why? Because we voted to do so. Sorry but that is the gist of it. I don't know why nobody thought that with more buildings that it would mean more money to provide upkeep you know housekeeping and grounds-keeping... plus teachers, and administrative staff, school buses, and anything else.

Meanwhile my wife hasn't had a raise in 2 years. I think anytime we have a downturn in the economy, it would be crazy to expect a raise, but something has got to give. Basically we could just leave, find better opportunities elsewhere and call it a day. But the thing is, we like it here for the most part... We don't want to go, but something has to change.

I think it is crazy that actual residents are not taxed, or not taxed as much. Whoever thought up that scheme is equally as crazy. And I know there are those out there who say we spend $____ or 32% more than other schools blah blah blah. Well that is a bit of a straw-man argument because that money does not make it way to our pockets the actual teachers aren't sitting back getting rich. My wife has her Masters plus 30, and is National Board Certified, and we must struggle to just pay our way.

I'm not saying "look at me, we are poor" but I am saying, the system is fucked up. The only other thing my wife can do is get her doctorate to be more qualified. I think that is saying something. Mainly that we need to go elsewhere. And we may have to anyway (my job, not hers). But it is what it is.

Schools can't be everything or anything. You play the hand you are dealt. Lets all remember we did this to ourselves when we passed various referendums. Just sayin'

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