Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Day in the Life...

So far... my "month" has not at all gone as planned. The youngest still has a fever (well she did a week ago anyway), in fact my wife has kept tabs on her all weekend. Taking her temp, running cold baths, giving her ibuprofen/Tylenol when ever needed. I know it really isn't the baby's fault, but made for trying times.

She looks to be better now, so hopefully it will mean better days ahead. In fact, we took a walk in hot weather. This is South Carolina in June, after all, "hot" goes without saying. This is where things started to pay off for us. You see 2 Christmases ago, my daughter, the Songbird got this race car. She never was very good at driving it, but that changed today. Well, she still needs help, but she gets better with each try.

I took out the screw that keeps it from going into fast (5MPH) mode. She, the Songbird was at first apprehensive because she could hardly keep it off the grass at 2.5MPH. But she warmed up to it, and before you know it... zoom!

Yeah I know, I'm not exactly a Jimmie fan, but the 48 has won the championship since my daughter was born... so I can't say much. Plus, my wife likes him. Anyway, sometimes in life all you get to enjoy is the smallest of "little things". This was one of them. Maybe soon we will do it again.

Now this is not to say she is the expert driver, because she is not. We can't seem to stress that you MUST look where you are going, not where you have already been. But we will take it anyway. The way she smiles when she "punches it", the way we laugh when she goes into someone's yard or flower bed or tree... is all just momentary. I plan to take advantage of each and every minute... never really knowing when the last will come.

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