Monday, May 10, 2010

Pretty Pony

With this being my last go (maybe), I've decided to take out all and any stops. I let my daughter have her way with my dog. What happened to him? Well he looks like a My Little Pony for real. "How did you do this?" you might be thinking. With washable markers and a few treats. He (the dog) was very open to this... especially the treats part. Please don't bother me with any of that crap about how I am ruining his natural blah blah blah. It is washable marker and it is just for one day. No dyes were used, and really he was relaxed and let us do it to him.

Since he has white hair on the top of his head... and pretty much nowhere else, it was fairly easy. this was our inspiration:

Maybe it will be our downfall, or just the opposite, but we have to try, at least once. And so we tried and so we sort of failed. Well not really, we got 2nd place, the judging was hung (tied) and so they left it up to the crowd to decide... and they went with the other dog.

I think if anything, I learned an important lesson in all of this... Don't try to do anything cute or funny or really anything when it comes to the ugly dog contest because whenever I do something always happens and I wind up no further ahead than if I just would have left it alone.

The hair washed out fine, the butt tattoo didn't make it. It was rubbed off by the time the competition started, and man was it hot. It was so hot as soon as the Ugly Dog was over, we left seeking some place cool. To anyone that may have come out to see... well if he didn't take a thousand pictures, and become horded by everyone and anyone, maybe next year... Maybe next year.

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