Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oh My Toe!!!

How do you hurt your 4-year-old and tell her it's the only way? When she gets 2 splinters in her big toe and they are broke off inside... meaning you have to cut them out. It was a nerve racking time to be sure. The Songbird is a wimp. I don't mean that in a condescending way. I can't remember any 4-year-old winning the tough guy competition.

But when you are doing the cutting... every cry... each flinch... makes it seems worse than it really is. And man was she flinching and crying. Yes it was drama-a-plenty at the hatter household. So I grab her by the big toe, her mother holds the rest, and I cut the first one out with almost no trouble whatsoever. I'm thinking, "ok this ain't so bad" well the next one is not so easy. In fact either I cut too deep or that part of her toe just bleeds a bit easier, but she bled and now I have a teary, moving all over the place, crying and bleeding target. And I have to cut more, because I just do, be it from the fact that I didn't go deep/far enough or all the kicking and screaming just didn't get the splinter.

Now there is an idea. Why can't screaming, crying, and kicking get rid of the splinter? Then there wouldn't be a need for any bloodshed and parents wouldn't have to deal with it either. I just need to make this happen...

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