Saturday, May 1, 2010

Whoa! Look Out!

It seems I've been having a row with the animal kingdom as of late. With turtles and snakes, and now deer. This fight lasted all of maybe 5 seconds, but it was the way it happened that was amazing. I was driving on Buckwalter, I just stopped to get the kids from daycare, we were on our way home, and what happens? About 7 or 8 deer, of various sizes come stampeding out of the woods where the power-lines are, and where Parker's is eventually going to be. I have to stomp on the brakes because this is literally a four-lane highway and this many deer is just crazy. I'm not saying that you won't or don't see any deer in this area, but this was at 5pm. You might see this early in the morning or late at night, but in the middle of the evening rush hour home... not so much.

The amazing thing is, except for a few deer loosing their footing getting across the street, no cars, or deer were hurt. Now there were some screams for my car but it was a thing of wonder, not of pain. I could not take a picture, but it sure was a sight to see. That many deer, on a busy highway... that is actually crossing the road, and nobody got hurt. It could have worked out much differently. If I would have been 20 seconds earlier or later I would have missed it, if 5 seconds earlier their would have likely been a wrecked car and a dead deer, so I'll take it for what it was worth, and be thankful that I saw something kind of neat and nobody got hurt.

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