Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Baby is Growing Up

Its the little things that collectively add up to bigger things, and before you know it... you used to have a cute, defenseless baby and when you turn around your looking at a full grown adult. It is crazy that it works that way, but it does. That is why I document from time to time the doings of my kids.

What is my littlest doing now?

Blowing raspberries, she is getting better at it every day. She has not started "talking" yet. She does have some moments were she makes some noise (I think she has a cold and that is the reason for not talking so much). She flips with the best of them now. In fact when we put her to bed, almost instantaneously she flips or rolls on to her stomach. She can sit up for much longer than she could before, in fact she is at the cusp of getting ready to crawl around. She also loves to eat real food, or at least the baby food version of "real". She now has a tooth to go along the food. The toothless grins are forever gone.

My 4-year-old, the Songbird, has learned her own bit of tumbling. She can now do a somersault. I think if I try to do one of those today, well I don't think I can do those anymore. I don't even think I could get in that position... what the hell happened to me?

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