Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Toy

So we got a new toy the other day. It is an I-Pad, and it is predominantly (Like 95% or more) my wife's thing. You see she worked overtime to get it and I think that is what you work extra for... to get something you like or want. Not to make ends meet, but some frivolous. I think it is good for morale. So she got one... and she loves it.

I'm a little more skeptical, there are some things you simply can not do with it. Like read some (not all) YouTube movies/video or some games on FaceBook, the lack of a keyboard, and the whole way it is marketed. Basically, you pay a premium for the product, then get 1-5 dollared to death adding apps. I actually own stock in Apple (I can't get a hold of how I would sell it, but still). I applaud their ability to get people to spend money, but not on me though.

So far we have some apps that you can get for free (NPR, ABC, Netflix) we also got some "things" like Dragon Dictation, Gravilux, and Chalk. And finally some games like pinball. And for the most part we like all of them. I don't know if we need any of them, but it is nice to have.

In fact it is so nice to have, we are looking into getting the 3G version, so we can have it where ever we might want to take it. And that comes at a cost of $15 a month. Yep I really do love how they keep providing my money with an escape route out of my pocket. But she (my wife) is worth every penny of it, so I don't mind... much.

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