Friday, May 7, 2010

Classic Film Friday: Conan the Destroyer

Yes my how the tables turn when I need to watch a man flick in the bedroom. Or so I said to my wife as I settled down to watch Conan the Destroyer. She shrugged, turned over, and went to sleep quickly. But I watched the whole thing. Seeing the govenator punch a camel is worth 5 times anything you could find watching a chic flick.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Conan. And he has been commissioned by Queen Taramis to get a magical horn. If he gets it, he will be rewarded by having his love brought back to life. Now you should know that Queen Taramis has no inclination to keep her end of the bargain. Still Conan assembles a rag tag group to accompany him on this quest.

They have the princess virgin Jehnna (Olivia D'Abo) who must go because she is the only person who can touch the gem, that finds the horn, her bodyguard Bombaata (Wilt Chamberlain) Conan's slacker friend Malak (Tracey Walter) the wizard Akiro (Mako, who other than Conan was the only person to reprise his role) and the immortal Grace Jones plays Zula a thief who comes to Conan as he freed her.

So you have all the characters, you have a bit of backstabbing and you have this monster/god who is basically the apocalypse. How do you think it is going to end up?

If nothing else, you should watch this video and see the camel punching. I almost pissed my pants from laughing, your mileage may vary...

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