Thursday, May 6, 2010

Might be the Last

And so, this will be our 6th time going to the Ugly Dog Contest. I hate to say this, but it may be our last. It is not because of the dog. He's fine. Now so far nothing has been said... yet, and this may all be a bunch of worrying for nothing, but with cost containment, and everything else. My contract may not get re-signed. And thus I will need to find work... and probably move. It is the way of the world. I know the business I'm in, and it happens all the time. Anyway it will be 6-9 months before I find out, literally anything could happen. But it does leave a question of whether or not we'll be here for the next one.

It doesn't make me like it anymore than anyone else. But it is what it is. Plus I will likely have to take a huge loss on my home, as we purchased it for 30-40 thousand more than it is worth today. That really sucks, but it is not like I'm alone in the house under water department. I could go on and on but this is about the dog, not my finances. Besides, I might get that contract signed anyway.

Everybody come on out, have a good time, buy stuff, and cheer for my dog, the ugly dog to win. It is an even year. Which means good luck... see below.

2005 - 2nd place
2006 - 1st place
2007 - 3rd place
2008 - 1st place
2009 - 2nd place
2010 - ???

Here is hoping to go out on top. I don't know where the future will find me (here or there), but I'm sure we will have a bit of fun along the way. So if you want to see the enigma, the hero, the hairless dog who actually has some hair on his head, come out this Saturday, and you will see him, maybe pet him (he is warm/hot to the touch just so you know), and maybe give him a bite of your hot dog or sammich (ok not really... dogs in my house are on a no people food regimen... but accidents happen).

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