Monday, May 3, 2010

How Much Will You Reveal... oh Blogger?

Though some arm twisting, and the fact that I now have roku access in our bedroom since the Wii can now play movies through Netflix, only make my arm that much easier to twist. My wife had me watch "Julie and Julia" a movie that shows how Julia Child came to be and this woman who decided to take her book and recipes over a year and blog about them (this is the link to her blog).

Well then, I'd be lying if I didn't say "Man I wish that would happen to me", but alas, no one really cares (minus the obligatory family and friends) and there is no famous person of which I can ride along the coat tails. So I'm out of luck. And that is ok, because I don't know if I would really want Julie Powell's life anyway.

It is never like they portray in the movies. Real life just doesn't work that way. I did a little poking around, because I was interested, and Julie through her own narcissism or just because, leaves a lot or not so much that you can read about. Mainly her second book, which she speaks on her infidelity and the recovery of her marriage. I start thinking more and more... now I know I would like to get a $1,000,000 and check out, but I know that doesn't happen.

It is that same feeling that we like about a woman cooking her way through Julia Child's book that makes us wretch at finding out she is no better than anyone else (like Kate Gosselin, Tiger Woods, or countless others). Maybe it is a form of voyeurism, but to put a blog down and post to it regularly means you must have some narcissistic and voyeuristic qualities.

I get a lot of the same pumped up feelings when I get a comment or two from strangers, also comes the feeling I'm talking to myself and only myself when I blog... and don't we all think that's a little crazy? Julie may be a bit more conceited, a bit more narcissistic, a little bit wronger (yes she thinks Hilton Head is a bastion of Republicans, I also know that is bad grammar, but still), but we all have something to hide or rather we don't like and therefor would rather that it were not common knowledge. I know I have had problems with being married, even got the divorce and ex-wife to prove it. There are some things in the work field that I wish I could do over, school I could have gone to (instead of the Army), girlfriends I wish I would have never gotten involved with... hell there is all kinds of things I wish I could take back, do over, just pretend they never happened. I'm fairly sure that we all have the same kinds of feelings.

But that is just it. We can't take those negative aspects of life and turn them off or simply overlook them. If we did, well we wouldn't have very much to write, or sing, or tell about. We like to be bad, for a little while, and then come back... less we let the black abyss take us and never look back. I think that bit of excitement gives us all something to talk about, even if it is someone we have no business knowing about.

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