Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Went to See the Ships

Yes, it's true. We had to go, if for nothing more to say that we have been. That is to see the Niña and the Pinta. I felt like this may be a once in a lifetime experience, well maybe not a once in a lifetime, but you just never know. I think it is a cool thing to see. And the boats are amazingly small. To think that explorers would get in one and sail halfway across the world... well they were braver men than I.

Here you can see the ship's blackness... from all that pine tar, seriously well that is what they told me anyway. This is the Niña, a small, small ship.

Here you see the Pinta, which is larger by about 1/2.

And here you have me and the Songbird. Notice her death grip on my shirt. I can't keep the women off of me, jeez. Also notice the ropes, they are going this way and that way, running through a pulley, tied to some other thing. And yes, the was really windy out there and all these pictures were taken from my daughter's (the oldest one) camera and she was the camera man.

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