Saturday, May 22, 2010

Did You Poop???

The other day I was going to pick-up my kids from daycare. Because why wife had a conference up in Columbia, which left me on duty with the kids. No big deal, I can handle this. I go pick up my oldest daughter for backup (it is all on the way, so again no worries). We stop and "look" at the youngest, happily sitting/rolling all over the place. Cool right?

Then I go to get the Songbird. And when I enter her classroom, i am literally overcome by the stench of poop. I try to maintain. Because, well, there are other parents in the room, teachers trying to wrangle kids, etc. But it smells really, really, really bad. I call the Songbird over to me and we make our escape. The door closes and I bust out laughing... because that sort of thing is funny to me.

So I ask the Songbird... "why did it smell so bad in your room?"

She tells me.... "______ had diarrhea on the Housekeeping carpet."

I can't even imagine but it must have been bad... `cuz lord knows it stunk something awful.

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