Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hulk No Like Stupid... Hulk Smash!

There is a lot of bad news going around lately. I know I've had my fair share of it. But I'm not talking about "so and so is sick", or "that one over there needs an operation" though, I've gotten that kind of bad news too. I think there is just this negativity, maybe it is the weather, or time of year, or maybe it is because regular folks have to put up with an extra helping of stupid lately.

A few days ago, I came home for lunch. Not something I usually do, but you see my wife was just out of the hospital so that justifies it I believe. So before I can come home I have to stop and get some gas and pick up some fast food (as this was my wife's craving) to eat for lunch. I stop at the gas station, and I am the only one there, and I have to drive around looking for a pump that actually works... Sounds easy right? Well not so much, but luckily for me the 3rd time is the charm. But you have to wonder if any business really doesn't want you money, what the hall are they in business for?

Shake, shake, shake...

I stop by one of our fast food eateries and attempt to place my order (this is at lunch time, right at noon) and some guy is pressure washing the building or something, it is so loud that I think the person on the other end can hear me... but I really don't know. Now why in the world would they pick noon to pressure wash, with a big loud gasoline engine? Again, if they don't want my money... then why are they in business?

Shake, shake, shake...

Driving on Hwy. 278 usually means some give and take... I'm just saying. I know this is a mix of foreigners (Mexicans and all points south), Older drivers, and a lot of out of town folks too. Seriously I try to take a deep breath, and just let it all go... even if that jerk-wad just cut me off or some yahoo is driving like a maniac behind me. But eventually, sooner or later... you get to a point where you become more important than those around you. And thus they better watch and listen, otherwise a wreck will occur.

Shake, shake, shake...

I make it home, I can breath a sigh of relief. Or maybe not. I try to balance the fast food (the drinks and the bag of food) with my satchel of things I must take with me (mainly my glucometer and every thing that goes along with it... needles, insulin, alcohol pads, etc. And I'm doing pretty good, until I came to my back door of my screened in porch. I hear a tearing, and I can't believe it is happening. My lunch, with my wife is now, for the most part, laying at the foot of my back door.

Shake, shake, boom

And I lose it. Well, lose it really doesn't describe it well. I used the "F" word quite a few times. I think I momentarily was possessed by a creature that my dad had trouble with too. Some kind of Incredible Hulk like entity and I had to let him out... just for a few minutes anyway. All that stress was gone, because Hulk smashed it to bits. But that release doesn't give me my lunch back, or make my wife understand why I came home like I did. So now what?

That is just it, there is no one thing that I can do. I could just take it all by the hip, and look at it like that, but I really aint that kind of guy. Then again I could just make some kind of point to everyone to not go to this gas station, or that fast food place, but honestly, I'd have to learn to bike wherever I went there would be no fast food... because almost all the places I go are screwed up. So I just keep it bottled up until I can't anymore. That is when I let the Hulk out.

Like so...

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