Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm still on a high from the Saints winning the Super Bowl. I know I really had nothing to do with their win, but I feel like I watched them lose so many times... I'm practically on the Saints roster. Ok maybe not, but still.

I have been introduced to the term "Breesus" which is what you get when you take Drew Brees (QB for the Saints) and Jesus, the almighty. There is a lot of sacrilege involved here, but New Orleans is kind of like Bluffton, they like things a little quirky over there.

So in the name of Breesus, or Breesus saves, or my favorite, Breesus take the wheel (I ordered the T-shirt).


Now I don't even know how Drew Brees feels about this, but I do know that in New Orleans, he can pretty much do anything he wants... and I think all he really wants to do is score touchdowns. Thank you Breesus. You made New Orleans a better place to live... and visit.

And then there is this...

This was taken right off of Yahoo! Sports How I wished I still lived there...

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