Monday, October 12, 2009

Half Empty... Half Full... Who Cares?

I am still dealing with my stroke, it has been almost two years, and I think I will always feel a little off. Not to say that I have a bad life or I wish anything could be different, I deal, and that is about it. But it has been so long since I had a stroke that I can't really remember if I can/can't do something... if it is because of the stroke or I never really could ever do it... even pre-stroke.

What I mean is, let's say I'm working with tools (screwdriver, wrench, etc.) and I just can't get the angel right or something won't come loose... is it because of the stroke? Or is it just because it is what it is? I really don't know, and odds are I never will.

I still have a crooked smile, or I should say half a smile. My wife is the owner of the "crooked smile" and she did not have a stroke to get it. But still, I feel if I would have exercised more, maybe I would feel differently but then again, I could feel even worse (because nothing would improve, I would then feel I wasted my time).

Is a glass half empty or half full, it really just depends on who is looking at it. But I prefer to see it as half full. I am doing much better at Guitar Hero, and I know it sounds kinda of hokey but it really does offer me some therapy. I haven't gotten to the next level (I'm at medium now), and I don't know if I ever would have (stroke or no stroke) gone to the next level anyway.

I downloaded "The Stroke" a song by Billy Squire. It has nothing to do with this post, but the name... I mean hello? I posted what I found on YouTube... Enjoy!

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