Monday, October 26, 2009

The System

Ok, this is written a week ahead of time... for obvious reasons, but anyway. My wife said we would be ok on money with her being out of work for the pregnancy. She up'ed her disability insurance to compensate for it. That was almost two years ago. So when it comes time to collect... umm wait a minute... They don't want to pay us shit. They said it had to go to their doctor, and he would have to say yea or nay about whether or not it was a "real disability" and whether or not they would pay.

A friend of mine once said, insurance is nothing more than a gamble, they are betting that nothing will happen to you, you are betting something will happen to you. Either way you lose, which really sucks. Because even if something does happen to you, the insurance company can find a way out of paying you anyway, then you are a double loser.

It took the disability insurance company 6 weeks to pay us, 7 if you really want to be strict about it. That really, really sucks. I mean my wife is the "bread winner" of our family... by 10 or 15 bucks a paycheck, but you get the point. Take away 6 weeks of pay, and suddenly we are not ok with money. Now we had money in savings, so it really didn't hurt us. But it could have and this whole health insurance reform does not address this in the least.

One company makes it look like, if you get hurt or whatever, you have a duck take care of everything, while you concentrate on feeling better. Nothing could be further from the truth. (that wasn't my wife's insurance anyway) You have to prove that you are hurt or can't work, to them, and that can lead to stress. Now if my wife would have had the baby prematurely, it would have been paid for, cost a lot more, but paid for. Sometimes I wonder about the whole system and what if anything I can do about it.

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