Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am a NASCAR Fan

I don't know if anyone knows this but... I like NASCAR. Yes, it is true. I introduced my wife to the sport and the guy she picked to route for won the championship 5 times in a row. So I have had to live with a woman whose main reason for picking the man was because his first and last name start with the same letter. You know like comic book characters?

So my guy, he has not done so good in recent years. The mythical son of one of the best drivers ever... Dale Earnhardt Jr. I came to like him because I liked his Dad, but he died, at Daytona, during a race. I always liked senior, he was an older, southerner and he won a lot. I liked his son ok, but he didn't drive with the emotion that his father had. But anyway I had to like somebody and when you like someone in NASCAR, you automatically hate someone else. Somebody who made your guy wreck, or come in 10th instead of 1st, maybe he was just in the way.

Well I had to like someone and I gave Jr' a shot, because I guess I wanted him to recapture some of that swagger that his father had. He had the equipment to do the job... that is until his father died, and then something happened. He couldn't seem to win as much anymore. Then the unthinkable he had to drive for someone else. That someone else was Hendrick... the same owner as the 5 time champion. That took some getting used to.

And it took some time before he would get competitive. This year it looks like things may finally be breaking his way. He hasn't won yet, but he has been right up there, several times this year. If you saw the race at Talladega (last Sunday) you know what I mean. Though he would have needed another lap to win it all, he certainly made it interesting. He pushed Jimmie Johnson to victory, yep the same guy my wife likes. At least now I can honestly say "Wait until next week" (or two because they aren't racing due to Easter) and I actually mean it.

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