Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Because of Spammers that seem to think they can all gang up on a particular post and post whatever on a post I make... I sometimes have to turn off comments. This is strictly a spammer thing. Most times it happens on a post that is months old, the last one it happened on was The Anhinga. Which is 6+ months old. I don't think anyone is interested in San Diego Renter Insurance or Self Storage Brooklyn or Yoga or how to make their penis bigger (now that I wrote "penis" I will likely have to turn off comments to this post as well). And they just start posting to it relentlessly. I'm sure it is some robo-thing, but it still freaks me out. Luckily Blogger recognizes it, and it never makes it past them. So on the front end, nobody even notices.

I need to turn off comments to lighten the load on my in-box. But if anyone wants or needs to make a post on something and can't. My email is hatterlives@hotmail.com Just let me know and I will turn it back on. Spammers be damned! May they all wake up with venereal warts on there spam encrusted fingertips and their tongues burn with 1000000 hot peppers, or at least have a bad day.

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