Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Death and I

So we (my mother and I) were talking. My wife also made a brief appearance as well. What were we talking about? Dieing, or rather almost dieing. It is something we have grown close to... Mainly me almost dieing, and my mother picking up the pieces afterward. I don't think any of the near death experiences were meant to happen. They just did. Meanwhile my mother had a few near-death experiences and my wife had none.

Sometimes it was a simple helping hand as I was choking, turning blue, and someone gave me the Heimlich. Other times it was a matter of nobody really knew what the hell happened, but there was the ambulance anyway (in this case I wrecked my bike, trying to crack concrete and instead cracked my skull... I do not recommend it.). Other times like the time I had spinal meningitis, it was just a thing I caught. I don't know from who, but I sure did get it. While at other times I was caught up in the throws of stupidity (also known as being a teenager) Driving too fast, or somehow was in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong idiot (a high school "friend" was running his mouth... someone else showed him he had a gun, It could have gotten really ugly real quick. That "friend" is dead now.)

Anyway I ran out of fingers counting the times I almost died. And somehow I always managed to live. I can't help but wonder why? A cousin, (who is much more like an uncle, he save me once) said I am just a lucky son of a bitch. He said that to my mother, so if you take that literally, well you could get offended, we don't however. I laughed... because it is funny. I guess you just had to be there (my mother laughed too). Anyway now there is kind of a sense of invulnerability. But I'm not letting that go to my head.

It isn't like I'm driving 100 down 278 or smoking cigarettes again (I quit like 14 years ago). But it seems I'm either lucky or good or both and/or dumb as well. I do know that I have been blessed to have friends and family around to pull me back out of death's grips. I'm not ready to go anytime soon, so I reckon they all get a well deserved thank you and I'm sorry that for whatever reason I need your assistance, I happily accept it and go on to live another day.

Whenever it does come time for me to go, I hope that I'll find myself with friends and family again. We all have to go sometimes, some of us go and come back again (repeatedly)... It looks like I am once of those people.

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