Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Back Story... of Sorts

Last week the dead squirrel in the road picture was taken by my teenager. Ok no big deal, but when I was driving by the spot the next day, the squirrel was gone. Likely picked up by a buzzard or something. But the wheels in my head started turning. With it being so close to Easter, I started to wonder, is this the Jesus of the squirrel-world? Ok probably not but what if?

So I started thinking some more. Maybe it is a bit too sacrilegious, but then I thought of Lazarus. Maybe he is the Lazarus of squirrel-kind? Whatever, it was funny, at least to myself and the teenager. Meanwhile I had no picture of a squirrel. I searched, but came up bupkis. Then I saw one way up in a tree... and that is the picture you see. It is all of 15 minutes to get it all together, but anyway. I hope everyone can enjoy this touch of heresy, as much as I did...

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