Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Patio Set

We are also considering purchasing a newer updated patio set. Why? Our current one only has seating for four, and we count up to five. Plus the set we have is looking a bit dated/worn out. If we have anyone over for dinner, we are regulated to the dining room. But alas, our current screened in back porch only fits a square or circle setup, not a rectangle or oval. So we got to thinking.

You know those canopy/gazebo type things they sell pretty much every where? Well, maybe we could make this work with a gazebo type thing. What we really want is a larger patio, but finances just aren't there, and I'm afraid by the time the finances are there, we may end up moving... basically making our outdoor dream into someone else's dream.

And if we get a gazebo/canopy and some bigger patio furniture, that opens up the screened in porch for a setup for something more... I mean there won't be a table/chairs there anymore which means we could put some wicker sofa/chair setup... make it like an outdoor living room. But the drawback is, are you going to come out of pocket with this project. We figure $500-800 for new furniture, about $300 for a gazebo, about $200-300 to make a modified patio, and we have not even priced the new outdoor living room.

But I see the possibility of this morphing into a big thing, however, and this is by no means set in stone, heck we don't even know if we will go through with it yet... But we got our income tax return burning a hole in our pocket, and what else could we spend it on?

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